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Zuckerberg’s selfie in the Metaverse makes investors angry: Is this $10B worth of Investment?

When Meta launched its Metaverse community platform Horizon Worlds in France and Spain this week, despite the heated discussions on the Internet, the focus was not on the local people finally being able to experience the Metaverse with VR devices, but on the virtual character and CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s ridiculous selfie in Horizon Worlds.

Users in France and Spain can use the Horizon Worlds service from the 16th. For this reason, Zuckerberg published pictures and texts on his personal Facebook account and invited local users to explore together. He also said that he will continue to expand this service to other countries.

However, this time the pictures and texts feature Zuckerberg in Horizon Worlds as the protagonist, taking selfies with sights that may represent the Eiffel Tower in Paris, the Sagrada Familia in Barcelona, as well as a brief background of green mountains and trees.

However, seeing this Zuckerberg selfie is really impressive. Two well-known attractions are directly next to each other. The virtual characters have empty eyes and do not know where to put his eyes. They look like characters that only appear in old games, thus sparking heated discussions on social platforms by investor of Meta.

Can’t help but let netizens complain about the virtual world that Meta plans to invest 10 billion US dollars to build, which can only be done at present.

This isn’t the first time Zuckerberg has been criticized for showing the metaverse, as he used Horizon Worlds with astronomer Neil deGrasse Tyson last month to explore images of stars and galaxies captured by NASA’s Webb Space Telescope.

When the exchange is over, Neil deGrasse Tyson asks to tap his fists with both hands, but such a simple gesture seems awkward in Horizon Worlds.

Although investment banks such as Citi, Morgan Stanley, and JPMorgan believe that the metaverse may be a multi-trillion dollar market in the future, few people know the exact definition of the metaverse.

There are even fewer people who have used Horizon Worlds and experienced the Metaverse.

Meta has invested billions of dollars in the Reality Labs division to develop the Metaverse and its related VR and AR technologies; according to the second quarter financial report data, although it generated $452 million in revenue, it also brought in a loss of $2.8 billion.

It should not be possible to turn losses into profits in the short term, and Zuckerberg’s selfie may also make investors less assured about Meta’s creation of the metaverse.

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