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Zuckerberg wearing and Demonstrating Meta’s new VR headset

Although the Meta’s road to the Metaverse has not gone as smoothly as expected, and the loss of funds exceeds 10 billion US dollars, the AR / VR technology research Reality Labs may also close some projects, or even slow down the recruitment plan.

Even though we heard some bad news, Meta recently opened its first store, the Meta Store, and new headsets have also been exposed.

Meta will soon launch a high-end headset “Project Cambria”, the experience show “The World Beyond” was created using the Meta Presence Platform. The platform is designed to help developers build mixed reality experiences that blend physical and virtual worlds, and one of Project Cambria’s key words is “mixed reality.”

As can be seen from the demonstration scene, high-end headsets can get a variety of experiences intertwined with virtual and reality: you can touch virtual creatures and play with it; you can “face-to-face” with the user who also wears the headset on the far side of the virtual chessboard. Chess; can be played with a virtual trainer.

Not only that, but after wearing Project Cambria, you can sit in front of a virtual desk and write on real paper, and even only need a real keyboard to read and even work in the mixed reality created by the headset. Some Meta employees see Project Cambria as a “real facebook”, and it’s said to have similar specs to a Chromebook.

A better Experience than Quest 2?

Although the specific parameters and performance are not yet fully known, compared to the Quest 2, a similar type of device in Meta, the high-end headset is suitable for not only a “cloud game station” for playing games, but also a “cloud workstation” for work. In fact, Quest 2 can also experience the mixed reality experience built by the Presence Platform. The World Beyond will soon be launched on the Quest through the App Lab, but Project Cambria has a better picture and experience.

Project Cambria’s higher-end hardware specifications allow for higher fidelity of the picture, plus a higher-resolution image sensor and full-color direct signal transmission, allowing users to see a “more beautiful world”.

The product has not been officially launched, and it is unknown whether the actual experience will be as shown, but it is certain that Project Cambria provides a better mixed reality experience than Quest 2, and the price is of course higher. In addition, this is one of the virtual reality headsets that Meta plans to launch in a few years. Is it possible to connect the real world and the virtual world through the Meta device, and what possibilities are there in the Metaverse? It is time to wait for the answer.

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