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Apple’s Vision Pro battery appears to be replaceable

Apple unveiled the long-rumored new Vision Pro at last week’s WWDC conference. It is not difficult to see from the design of the product that Apple has made many compromises, such as an external battery, to reduce the weight when wearing it, but it also looks quite funny.

But even if Apple makes the Vision Pro’s battery appear as an external plug-in, there is still one problem that has not been solved, and that is battery life.

The Vision Pro’s battery can only be used for two hours at a time when fully charged.

In fact, in most cases, the two-hour battery life will not be a problem. After all, most places of use will be at home or in the office, and it can be easily connected to electricity in both cases.

But what if you take it out? If users want to be available anytime and anywhere, then they need to use batteries, and the two-hour usage limit is quite unfriendly to this type of users.

However, the Twitter account DuanRui found a small hole next to the Vision Pro battery cable. He also guessed that this small hole may be used to insert the SIM card pin of the mobile phone, allowing the user to replace the spare battery.

Although many people think that the small hole next to the cable should be the LED charging indicator, but if you look closely at the cable in the picture, you will find a small hole on the left and right, and the larger hole should be the charging indicator.

Apple did not explain the purpose of the smaller hole, but it is possible that, as DuanRui guessed, it is used to insert the SIM card pin and then withdraw the cable from the battery to replace another fully charged spare battery.

Even though the small hole isn’t for the SIM card pin, it looks like there’s a cutout around the Vision Pro’s battery cable.

Apple may also use the same detachable design as the HomePod cable, allowing users to separate the cable from the battery with a little force.

After all, Apple, which has always loved selling accessories, should be quite happy to make a fortune for the Vision Pro backup battery.

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