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Ghost Robotics’ robot dog Vision 60 can swim

Launched by American robotics company Ghost Robitics, the Vision 60 series of mechanical dogs has recently released a kit developed by Onyx Industries that allows the Vision 60 to float, in addition to its supply of US military base patrols and the version equipped with automatic rifle turrets.

Ghost Robotis’ Quadruped Unmanned Ground Vehicles (Q-UGVs), robot dog Vision 60, launched in 2019, and the US military began purchasing in 2020. US military has deployed robot dogs as a base patrol vehicle at Tindale Air Force Base in Florida.

The Vision 60 robot weighs 51 kilograms, has a maximum speed of 11 kilometers, can carry 10 kilograms of cargo or equipment, has a battery life of 3 hours and a range of approximately 10 kilometers.

Recently, Ghost Robotics announced that it has collaborated with Onyx Industries, a defense aerospace manufacturer in Virginia, to launch a kit called the “Marine Autonomous Unmanned Tail” (NAUT) that puts a jet engine in the tail of the Vision 60.

The robot dog can go forward while entering the water. With the original IP67 waterproof feature of the body, the robot dog can cross more terrains quickly.

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