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Hackers use Deepfake to impersonate Binance executives’ faces for cryptocurrency scams

A Binance executive pointed out that the hacker group used Deepfake (deep fake technology) to create an AI holographic projection like his face, and then used Zoom’s video call to defraud.

Binance Chief Communications Officer (CCO) Patrick Hillmann said the hacker group used his past news interviews and TV footage to use deepfakes to impersonate his appearance to defraud some smart members of the cryptocurrency community.

Because he received a message from the project team that he was very happy to have an online meeting with him to discuss the listing of his digital assets on Binance, he was confused and the matter came to light.

Hillmann noted that he was not involved in the exchange’s listing business and did not know the person who sent him the message.

He emphasized that the AI hologram projection is only the latest case of fraudulent groups on Twitter, LinkedIn, Telegram and other platforms.

Hillmann emphasized that the Binance platform has its own security tools, such as Binance Verify, to confirm whether the information of employees and senior management is a real transaction, but also be careful to be deceived by the words of fake employees.

He warned, “It’s like a token with a huge amount of money is listed on Binance, but some money has to be paid before that. It’s the same trick, but maybe wrapped in a different word.”

Legitimate cryptocurrency businesses won’t ask users to send their personal information or passwords, or ask them to transfer tokens to a secure wallet to avoid loss of funds, Hillmann said. “These types of emergency emails are likely to be scams.”

He also emphasized that both Binance users and blockchain startup founders should always be vigilant, “because scam groups don’t need advanced technology to steal your funds, as long as you trust them.” .

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