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Microstrategy is not afraid of bear market and buys 301 Bitcoins

Long-term optimistic about Bitcoin’s micro-strategy, he entered the market again to buy 301 BTC, with a total investment of about 6 million US dollars, increasing the Bitcoin holdings to 130,000.

Whether Bitcoin rises or falls, MicroStrategy and CEO Michael Saylor are always confident.

Today, he said on Twitter that MicroStrategy invested another $6 million to acquire 301 bitcoins, with an average transaction price of US$19,851.

The last time MicroStrategy bought coins was at the end of June this year. At that time, he invested 10 million US dollars and obtained 480 bitcoins.

It is no coincidence that 301 bitcoins were purchased this time, because it just brought the holdings to a full 130,000 bitcoins.

“MicroStrategy holds 130,000 bitcoins with a total investment of $3.98 billion.” Saylor said the company’s average cost of holding bitcoins is about $30,639.

As far as listed companies are concerned, MicroStrategy is the company with the most bitcoins in the world, and another listed company, Galaxy Digital Holdings, ranks second with about 40,000 bitcoins.

But there are two private institutions with more holdings than MicroStrategy. One is Block.one, the leading company of blockchain EOS, which holds 140,000 bitcoins; Mt Gox, which is ready to compensate investors, has nominally 141,686 bitcoins.

Due to the continued decline of Bitcoin this year, the micro-strategy has also suffered a lot, with a book loss of up to 1.5 billion US dollars.

MicroStrategy’s share price has also fallen from a high of $891 in November last year to only $196.6 now. Bitcoin price is currently around $19,100.

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