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Netflix pioneered “Watching Movies to Earn NFTs” with Love, Death + Robots

Are you considering canceling your Netflix subscription? Netflix recently introduced a new “watch movies to earn NFT” idea to regain momentum. The third season of the popular animated series “Love, Death + Robot” was released in May. Featuring 9 exclusive NFTs, the series invites fans to find NFTs.

As the acquisition process is like a treasure hunt, only 5 days have passed since its debut, attracting tens of thousands of fans around the world to discuss and share their treasure hunt strategies, and 110,000 NFTs have been distributed.

Netflix’s popular animated series “Love, Death + Robots” launched its third season in May and attracted fans by presenting its initial creative idea, “Watching a TV Series and Posting NFT.” This idea has become a hot topic in the NFT world.

With the stock price falling and the turbulence continuing in 2022, Netflix seems to be trying to regain its momentum with Web3 innovative thinking, turning popular NFT apps into “coin earning” in addition to the previous STEPN. Announcing new events, the platform started adding fun things like “games to earn money” and “watch movies to earn NFT”.

“Love×Death×Robot” is a limited rating animated series produced by “Deadpool” director Tim Miller and Hollywood director David Fincher. Its story style, which combines the atmosphere of the future world with dark humor, has been loved by sci-fi fans around the world after its launch.

This time, Netflix has officially launched NFT marketing for the first time in its official history to target the digital creativity favored by such groups. Both the streaming platform and the production unit stated that they have no intention of using it for profit and simply to give something back to their fans.

You need to find the hidden QRCode

According to the information on the official website of the event , this album combined with the NFT interactive treasure hunt to create a total of 9 NFTs, and the content theme is taken from the characters or plots of the album.

For example, the 3 robot characters in the first episode “3 Robots: Appearance Strategy” were turned into one of the NFTs. According to ” Hypebeast “, as of May 25, 3 have been revealed, and 6 are waiting to be released.

Netflix also provides traditional options: when fans find a QRcode to scan the code, there will be two options after scanning the code, asking “Download or Mint  for Me?”  for those who cannot or are not interested in collecting NFTs Just download the image file.

As for the interactive treasure hunt, the design is quite tricky. The official team pointed out that QRCode may appear in the content of the album, official community information, or even advertising billboards, but in fact, it is difficult to find, but it attracts more popularity. In the official Discord group of this event, you can see netizens asking for teaching every day.

In the first episode of the three robot character NFTs alone, you can see that 23,000 people have uploaded them on the Opensea platform, and some people have resold them. The official team stated that the event was only 5 days old, and the number of NFTs in the album was more than 110,000.

There are also many people who enthusiastically shared the strategy article on obtaining the exclusive NFT on the Internet, which successfully ignited the community trend of watching dramas and treasure hunting.

The NFT team has been criticized by fans

In fact, this event is limited to American audiences, which may have quickly caused fans from all over the world to respond to complaints. Featureio, the technical team that teamed up with Netflix to build NFTs, kindly posted a photo of one of the NFTs hidden in the QRcode of the physical advertising billboard in Times Square, New York , on Twitter in the past two days. , “On the Internet” allows netizens all over the world to enjoy the fun of treasure hunting.

These exclusive NFTs have to find their own way to find the QRCode, and the other steps are similar to the general way to obtain NFTs. First of all, you need to register an online wallet that can buy NFT, such as Metamask, etc.

Again, although NFT is a free gift, all NFT minting needs to be assisted by miners on the blockchain, and it is necessary to pay a gas fee. The “Love×Death×Robot” NFT is currently built on the ether chain, so a small amount of ether (ETH) needs to be used to pay the handling fee during the acquisition process.

One-click to get the strategy? Beware of Risk

However, there may be a risk of the wallet being stolen. Netizens should study carefully and start with precautions. It is safer to register a new exclusive wallet for this purpose.

The currency market has ushered in a wave of shocks recently, and the NFT investment boom has also been impacted. According to Dune analytics ’ data from Opensea, the world’s largest NFT marketplace platform, this year’s transaction volume peaked in January, with a gradual decline in April and May. Perhaps at this time, switching to NFT interactive marketing is a creative approach that does not hurt the wallet.

Some netizens in the Web3 community have affirmed Netflix’s innovation in the past few days, so that more people are willing to try the nascent application of NFT. Just this innovative approach, how does the company’s brand bonus or revenue growth benefit? It is still unpredictable, but at least it shows that the global Web3 trend is still developing, and it is worthy of continuous attention.

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