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Star Citizen: How to Repair and Refuel a Ship

Refueling, repairing and salvaging mechanics are actively being worked on by Star Citizen developers. The developers want to get it out as soon as possible and it was implied that you can expect the first implementation with pyro. 

Repairing a damaged ship in Star Citizen is actually pretty easy but there are some details you need to know about maintenance system in Star Citizen.

How to Repair a Ship in Star Citizen?

Let’s a look at repairing system in Star Citizen first. so let’s say you are taking a little bit of damage but your ship is in good conditions. The ship is not missing any of your little wings or engines, and all in good shape but you’ve taken some fire and some cosmetics damage. Your ship is still in good shape and able to fly to Hangar. If your ship looks like the ship below, then you may not be able to repair your ship.

You have to crash your ship to an asteroid and claim it again.


If you have got just some minor damage to your ship then follow the steps below to repair your ship. 

  • Land on a hangar.
  • Make sure to turn off your engine. Press “I” for that.
  • Press “F1″
  • Click the maintenance icon on middle bottom.
  • star-citizen-repair-ship-3-min
  • In the interface, you will see some maintenance options.
  • If you see  the amount of money required then that’s a good sign.
  • If you see a an message “No service Available” then you need to destroy your ship and claim it again.
  • This is the easiest way to get your ship fully repaired.

How to Refuel and Rearm a Ship?

Refueling a ship in Star citizen is pretty simple as long as your in or around a hangar.

Here is how to refuel your ship in Star Citizen:

  • Go to a Spaceport Hangar
  • Land your ship
  • Turn off your engine by pressing I key
  • Press F1 and open mobiglass
  • Go to maintenance tab indicated by a wrench.
  • Then choose the fuel type to refuel in.
  • You may also rearm your ship in the same screen.

If you are totally stranded in the space or on a planet, there are some other  but more complex ways to find fuel for your spaceship. 

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