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Steve Jobs’ daughter makes fun of iPhone 14

The new features of the iPhone 14, announced this week, did not satisfy the users. Many internet users did not hesitate to make fun of the brand. Even Eve Jobs, the daughter of the former CEO of Apple, shared a story on Instagram about this issue.

Apple unveiled its new iPhone on Wednesday, and many fans of the brand were disappointed by the lack of new features. Admittedly, it benefits from a slightly improved processor and camera, as well as a satellite connection for emergency calls, but for many Internet users this is not enough. Some are shy to call the new device the iPhone 13s instead.

Eve Jobs, daughter of the former CEO of the brand, Steve Jobs, shared a status on Instagram. A man is presented with a new shirt that is the same as the one he is currently wearing. In the case of Eve Jobs, she shared this picture and wrote “I am upgrading from iPhone 13 to iPhone 14 after Apple’s announcement today”.

Image credit: @evejobs, @wallstbets (Steve Jobs’ daughter posted on Instagram mocking the iPhone 14’s lack of new features.)

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