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UK builds world’s longest drone highway length of 165 miles

The British government plans to build the world’s longest drone highway within two years and connect southern cities with small flying vehicles such as flying cars and delivery drones by 2024.

The drone airline project, called ‘Project Skyway’, will establish a 265km air transport network for various southern cities including Reading, Oxford, Milton Keynes, Cambridge, Coventry and Rugby to solve ground traffic congestion problems and reduce travel time.

The Skyway Project can increase the convenience of local residents. In addition to speeding up police arrivals at the crime scene and reducing the time it takes for medical departments to deliver emergency items such as vaccines and blood samples, it can also deliver supplies such as letters and medicines to the scene.

Because of the difficulty of airline planning and management and overlapping routes, collision accidents or congestion should be avoided. The British government plans to install ground sensors along the highways to provide real-time air traffic conditions, and the data will be analyzed by the traffic management system, and then air traffic control will guide the aircraft route. The British government will invest £273m for the project.

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