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Best and Most Profitable Workshops in Bannerlord

Bannerlord is out of Early Access stage and fully released now. In 1.8 the economy changed massively. so just picking a workshop with two grain producing villages will hardly ever work as the game randomly rolls new shops each game. The developers try to take shops that have import from Villages nearby. So we will cover everything about workshops in the latest 1.9 patch that recently released with the game’s full release.

Important Things to know before buying a Workshop

Nearly every patch Tail World makes changes the game and that alters certain shops to become more profitable than others.

In the previous patches, developers had nerfed breweries and then tanneries came back. Recently breweries became All the Rage well. In the latest patch, it has happened again. We now have new shops that are much more profitable than they have ever been in over a year.  Generally speaking, the top four shops are silversmith, wineries oil presses and tanneries.

You might have noticed I didn’t include breweries as they are a trap shop because there is so much grain in the world that the towns are flooded with breweries closing the global average to plummet. All over making them extremely difficult to make profit unless you micromanage them.

Another important point is that you can’t depend on those Villages with castle-bound. If a village is bound to a big town then that is okay. I had to find the right time to test these shops as early as possible since that’s when people want shops but the economy doesn’t stabilize for a certain amount of time. I was able to test that was day 200 that appeared to be the right balance in the economy so shops didn’t return vastly different profits each data set.

So if you have a shop earlier or later it can vary greatly. There are dozen factors that play into how much a shop makes. so any of those factors can increase or have your shops make nothing.

About 15 Villages were changed in 1.9 update to new products. Overall 1.9 workshops are pretty bad and while I think putting a specific number on a shop is misleading. 

With shops costing between 22k and 32k gold, it can be tough to get your money back. But I am petitioning Tail World to change the shop buying prices back to around 10k gold. 

Best Workshops in All Cities


  • Baltakhand -> Wool – Wool Weavery (3 village)
  • Chaikand -> Grain – Brewery (2 villages)
  • Akkalat > Wool > Weavery > Wool – 2 villages


  • Hush Fulq – Tannery – Pottery
  • Razih – Tannery
  • Hubyar – Linen – Olive
  • Quasira – Brewery
  • Iyakis – Pottery
  • Askar – Brewery
  • Sanala – Silver – Brewery
  • Quyaz – Olive


  • Charas – Olive
  • Sargot – Olive
  • Jaculan – Wine – Tannery
  • Galend – Wine – Olive
  • Pravend – Wine – Linen
  • Ocs Hall – Wood – Pottery
  • Rovalt – Silver
  • Ostican – Linen


  • Pen Cannoc – Wine – Pottery
  • Car Banseth – Silver – Pottery
  • Dunglanys – Wine – Wood
  • Marunath – Wine – Pottery
  • Seanon – Wine Linen


  • Revyl – Tannery
  • Varcheg – Tannery
  • Omar – Linen
  • Belgard – Tannery
  • Sibr – Tannery
  • Varnovopal – Tannery
  • Tyal – Wool

Northern Empire

  • Amprela – Velvet – Linen
  • Myzea – Velvet – Tannery
  • Argoron – Tannery – Velvet
  • Saneopa – Velvet – Tannery
  • Diathma – Tannery – Velvet
  • Epicrotea – Wood – Brewery

Western Empire

  • Lageta – Wine – Olive
  • Rhotae – Tannery – Wood
  • Ortysia – Silver – Wine
  • Amitatys – Tannery – Brewery
  • Zeonica – Brewery – Tannery – Wine

Southern Empire

  • Soros – Tannery Wool
  • Lycaron – Silver – Pottery
  • Phycaon – Pottery
  • Syronea – Linen – Velvet
  • Onira – Velvet
  • Danaustica – Pottery – Wool
  • Vostrum – Brewery

Best 5 Workshops in Bannerlord

Since 1.8 patch, Bannerlord has been changed massively in terms of economy and trading dynamics. Thus, the workshop system is now different than previous versions. Nevertheless, There are a few great workshops that still generates good income:

  1. Ortysia: Silversmith
  2. Sanala: Silversmith
  3. Jaculan: Winery
  4. Dunglanys: Winery
  5. Quyaz: Olive

How to Find workshop locations?

In order to find a workshop in a city, you’ll need to go for a tour and search by exploring and holding down the ALT key. Holding ALT key will highlight and let you see important locations with some icons. Once you’ve found your desired workshop, talk to the shopkeeper, and provided you have the denar to hand, you’ll be able to purchase the workshop.


Some workshop locations earn a better income than others. The trick is to check which resources the bound villages churn out and are going for cheap. If the bound village has an abundance of cheap grain, then having a Brewery workshop in the city might be a good investment.

Iron Ore/HardwoodSmithyWeapons
OlivesOlive PressOil
ClayPottery ShopPottery
GrapesWine PressWine
HardwoodWood WorkshopBows/arrows/shields
WoolWool WeaveryClothing
CottonVelvet WeaveryClothing
FlaxLinen WeaveryClothing

Product Risk and Reward Table

5: High Risk High reward, 1: low risk low reward


Bannerlod is a massive game that is being constantly updated and changed. The economy of the game and trading system has been also vastly changed. In this guide, we tried to cover latest updates. Even though there are some mods that improves the economy of the game, it is still far away from being complete. If you want to add some mods to your game, we highly recommend you to to take a look at our best Bannerlord mods list as well. 

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