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Bose QuietComfort Earbuds 3 Release Date and News

Bose in ear Headphones, Computer sp...
Bose in ear Headphones, Computer speakers, Outdoor speakers

The start of the 2022 school year marks the great return of Bose to the world of true wireless headphones. A return that the American manufacturer wants as thunderous as possible with its best model to date: the QC Earbuds II.

Even though the manufacturer just debuted the QuietComfort Earbuds II in September 2022, many people would already ask and wonder whether there will be a QuietComfort Earbuds 3 from Bose.

When Would QuietComfort Earbuds 3 be out ?

It took two years for Bose to shape a successor to its most high-end true wireless headphones, the QuietComfort Earbuds, but not to change the tenor of its marketing pitch. The big earphones manufacturers has actually released most expected earbuds in last couple of months such as Samsung’s Galaxy Buds 2 Pro.

The QC Earbuds II return with the same intention of shaking up the market with “the most effective active noise reduction in the world” and “an unprecedented listening experience”. However, there is a change in technical terms, since the second version is now supported by a new in-house technology called CustomTune.

It would be much sensible to say that the QuietComfort Earbuds 3 will be released in late 2024.

While Bose had so far remained timid in the wireless headphones segment , the American manufacturer struck a big blow in 2020 with its first active noise reduction models, the Bose QC Earbuds. It must be said that the firm, at the origin of the technology of electronic reduction of ambient noise, had succeeded in convincing with headphones offering among the best insulation on the market.

This September 2022, Bose is returning to the wireless headphone market with a new pair. More compact, these new Bose QuietComfort Earbuds II – or Bose QC Earbuds II – are displayed in a new format, more compact and supposed to be more comfortable, but at a price that positions them clearly at the top of the basket. Let’s see if these Bose QC Earbuds II deliver on their promise.

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