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How to get a broom in Dying Light 2

The broom in Dying Light 2 is an Easter egg prop, so how do you get this broom? Let’s take a look at how to get the broom in “Dying Light 2”. 

It is best to choose a single player game


It is best to choose a single player game!

First complete the story mission broadcast and reach the top of the VNC building.

Then find the pendant on the next building. There is a fluorescent mushroom in the pendant. You need to press F several times to trigger the challenge.

Finally, after entering the challenge, press alt+f4 or Esc to exit the game directly. After entering the game, you can find the flying broom in the inventory accessories.


The broom operation is the same as that of a paraglider, and it also consumes the same stamina.

  • Look down on the roof,
  • Find the pendant,
  • Fly over with a paraglider, this is it.


Online can also be obtained by esc method!

Dying Light 2 Flying Broom Video Tutorial

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