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Sons of the Forest: Where to Find Ropes?

If you are new to the game Sons of the Forest, you will shortly realize that you will need lots of ropes to survive in this thrilling environment. You’ll need to craft anything and everything you can to survive the forest, and one of the most common necessities is rope. If you’re having trouble finding rope, here’s what you need to know about rope, including where to find it and how to make it.

What is the use of Rope?

Rope is an important item in Sons of the Forest. Since it is not a craftable item, players must explore and find ropes in the forest. From weapons like bow to buildings, rope is an essential material in the game. You can build towers, platforms, shelters, traps, and much more with access to this handy manmade resource.

Locations to Find Rope

There are lots of ropes in the caves and cannibal camps but it might be hard to go these places at the very beginning of the game.

Cave Enterance

You may find a rope following the cave entrance indicator on your GPS device. 



You may find couple of ropes easily on the beaches. There are a few camps and boats that hides some ropes. Here is one near the beach.



Cliffs sometimes house valuable items such as Rope, so it’s a good idea to scout along cliff edges both at the top and the bottom to see if any hidden treasure is nearby.

Cannibal Camps


Camps are actually great locations to find ropes. There are lots of ropes in the boxes and around camps. However, it might be tough to kill all the enemies.

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