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Farming Simulator 22: Complete Corn & Sunflower Guide

Farming Simulator 22 has many different crops for players to plant. In this guide, we will explain how to plant, harvest and use corn & sunflower with the production chain. There are also many different machineries that is used only for corn and sunflower. Sunflower is another crop that has very similar progress to corn.

Field Preparations for Corn & Sunflower

Just like for any other crop, you will have to prepare a field before planting. For those who have enabled periodic plowing function, the map has to be checked ahead of planting corns. 

Farming Simulator 22 How to Collect Stones and Sell-2-min

If you have precision farming dlc, you have to make a soil test and adjust your field  to maximize your yield.  If you have enabled lime option, you have to check the map again to make sure your field does not require liming. If you need to lime the field, buy lime  packs from store and start spreading it on your  farm. Plowing increases the yield by 15%. 

Planting Corn and Sunflower

When it comes to planting and field preparation for corn, it is not different than most of the crops till you harvest the crops. You can basically buy a seeder or planter to start planting corn on your field. There is an easy way to do lots of work at once with a multifunction seeder. You must check our best seeders/ planters list before starting planting corns. 


Using a multifunction seeder will help you to cultivate, fertilize and plant any crops in just one go. If you have field stones active, make sure to use a roller to increase yield. You can also check our FS 22 field stone guide to learn more. Don’t forget to do soil rolling after plating the crops.

Harvesting Corn and Sunflower

Harvesting corn and sunflower can be done by a harvester and a header that has spiked tips. You may find these headers in the shop under corn headers.

Farming-Simulator-22-corn-sunflower-guide-header-min You will need a tractor and a trailer to transfer the crops from your harvester’s storage to a silo or a selling point. You can also store the sunflower and crop in a silo.


Another important point for harvesting corn or sunflower is to avoid harvest in rain. It may effect the harvesting ratio.

Forage Harvester for Corn

You can use a forage harvester to turn your corn into chaff which then can be used to produce silage. You will need a forage harvester and a forage harvester header to do this. You don’t have to wait for corn to fully grow in order to harvest. You can start harvesting in latest grown stages. Check the map to see the grow stage of your crops. Full grown crops will be indicated by dark green color.


Sunflower and Corn Production Chain

You can use corn and sunflower to make other products which can be sold for much higher prices. 


  • It is one of the ingredients of cereals.
  • You can feed it to pigs.


  • It is used in the production of canola oil in an oil mill (200l canola -> 100l canola oil).
  • You can feed it to pigs as well.

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