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LG unveils the world’s first high-definition flexible display

LG Display has introduced the world’s first high-resolution flexible display. Designed from a silicon substrate, this ultra-thin panel can be bent.

With this panel, LG introduced the world’s first 12-inch high-resolution Stretchable display equipped with freeform technology. The introduced panel can be folded and bent without distortion or damage.

The company’s newly launched flexible display is the first in the industry to achieve 20 percent stretchability, 100 ppi resolution and full color RGB. In addition, with its high flexibility, durability and reliability, this display maximizes its commercialization potential.

Display technologies continue to evolve rapidly. After the foldable or curved screen, the screen that bends and flexes in all directions has emerged.

The new display that LG introduced consists of a 12-inch flexible panel that can be bent like a towel or spread like pizza dough. The screen area is stretched by 20% to reach 14 inches.

Credit: LG

The Korean brand isn’t the first to make this bendable and flexible display, but its new ultra-thin display is the most successful and ambitious in the field.

The stretchable display uses a micro LED light source with a pixel pitch of less than 40μm and provides a high level of durability to withstand significant external influences and a resolution that competes with most current monitors.

Unlike the traditional linear wired system, the optimal construction of the flexible S-shaped spring wire system of the stretchable screen can withstand repetitive changes in its shape, providing consumers with incredible durability and reliability.

The flexible screen, which is currently in the prototype stage, can be used for many different purposes in the future, from wearable technology to skin integration.

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