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Microsoft uses Metaverse to train Autonomous drones via simulation platform

Microsoft’s Metaverse is more widely used! The company pointed out that its flight simulator platform, Project AirSim, can train drones to fly in the air faster than traditional methods.

The AirSim project provides a real-world scenario that trains the drone to complete millions of flights in seconds and allows the drone to learn to react to any variable.

Microsoft’s AirSim project is similar to the Alphard Omniverse platform, providing a 3D database of various environments and real locations. New York City is mapped through Bing Maps and other suppliers. The pre-trained model of the AirSim project can be used as a starting point for training more drone pilots.

In addition, pilots can also simulate training manually.

Gurdeep Pall, vice president of technology and research business incubation at Microsoft, pointed out that autonomous systems will transform many industries and enable a variety of aerial scenarios, but these systems must first be safely trained in a virtual world full of reality.

In addition to training flights, drones can be trained to inspect infrastructure, mines, farmland, package deliveries, and more.

The AirSim project is not the first virtual environment created by Microsoft. The company launched AirSim in 2017. It was originally built in Unreal Engine and was later moved to Unity. Because it is open source, developers can program Design and interact with simulated vehicles while also simulating weather conditions and other real-world scenarios.

Microsoft says AirSim is a popular research tool but requires a high standard of machine learning and coding expertise, while Project AirSim is an end-to-end version of a platform that can be extended to people starting to train autonomous aircraft.

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