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Netflix wants to be a Big player in the gaming industry

Netflix continues its investments to make room for itself in the video game market. The New York Times quoted by Capital confirmed on Thursday that it has acquired the studio Boss Fight Entertainment.

Based in Texas and employing 130 people, this American studio specializes in social networks, mobile video games for PC and consoles. The company is particularly known for its “Age of Empires”, “Halo Wars” or “Castleville” and “Dungeon Boss” games that are very popular on smartphones.

Netflix wants to be one of the main players in the gaming industry

This is the third studio Netflix has acquired, after Night School in September 2021 and Next Games in early March. The streaming giant, which has been communicating about its passion for gaming since summer, is a minor player compared to Sony and Microsoft, but has big ideas.

Netflix wants to create “extraordinary gaming experiences” and innovative ideas without ads or additional purchases. The ultimate idea will be to build bridges between games related to successful content (TV series, movies), encouraging subscribers to stay on the platform and enjoy different types of entertainment.

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