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Russian prime minister: “Russians have about 130 Billion dollars in crypto investments”

Russian Prime Minister Mikhail Mischustin has personally reported that the Russian people have invested billions of dollars in cryptocurrencies. In doing so, the government is clearly pointing to Vladimir Putin that despite the sanctions, Russia is no longer disconnected from the global financial system.

Despite the lack of a regular legal framework for dealing with cryptocurrencies, most of the market leaders Bitcoin (BTC) and Altcoins already have a solid place in the portfolios of Russian investors. According to Mischustin, Russian crypto assets are worth about $130 billion.

rusyanın kripto varlıkları

The Russian Prime Minister said that Russians have already invested about 10 trillion rubles ($130 billion) in cryptocurrency.

Russia, which went to war with Ukraine, faced many sanctions, and the Russian people quickly entered the bitcoin market, which they saw as a safe haven to protect their money.

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