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Sons of the Forest: How to cut Logs to pieces?

You’re just getting started with Sons of the Forest that have absolutely no idea how to build your very own base well good news because in this video I’m gonna share everything you need to know about it from Foundation to roof even decorating your place make everybody feel very welcome and give you tips and tricks on how to chop down trees properly so without further Ado let’s get right to it

How to cut down a Tree Properly?

The first thing you want to know when you start building your first base is that when you chop down trees they basically fall down to where you’re looking at. So you should always first chop down the other side of the tree. After that you can turn around and chop down towards where you want them to fall down. In this case everything is getting piled up in the center so it’s going to be much more efficient much easier to collect all the logs and start building.

You can also use logs to make firewood that we have a separated guide article as well. 


How to cut Logs to Beams?

Once you cut down a tree and have enough logs, It is time to start building your base. However, construction system in the Sons of the Forest is a little bit hard and realistic. You can follow the steps below to learn how to make beams and planks from the logs:

  • if you stand above a log, you will see a red line
  • The red line indicates that you can cut them in half.
  • You can basically left click to cut it into 2 planks shown in the picture below.


  • If you want to make beams, you can place a log in front of you
  • Align yourself to the log horizontally
  • Try to get the red lines on the log


If you don’t want to spend too much time building I recommend you to start off with a 2×2 Foundation. You can always expand the build and what’s also pretty interesting is that you can also deconstruct everything. In the previous “The Forest” game, deconstruction would destroy the materials. If you are not very happy with the shape of your building,  you can basically hold the deconstruct button which is “C” and you can pick up these logs.


We can basically place them on the other side if something is not yet supported it will always look a little bit funky. While if you connect it with the wrist there you have it it will look much better while you can only pick up two whole locks you can actually go with four half ones but what is pretty interesting is that when you still hold the full ones you can actually cleave them while you’re standing in front of it so then you don’t have to do this task beforehand

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