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Elden Ring: How to get the power of Great Runes?

In Elden Ring, defeating certain important bosses in the main story grants you Great Runes. These Runes, once equipped, allow you to obtain quite extraordinary bonuses. However, you will have to earn them because obtaining these bonuses is quite complex and above all, is not permanent.

How to get a Great Rune in Elden Ring

The First Great Rune you can get is the Godrick’s Great Rune which drops from Godrick the first Major storyline Boss in Elden Ring. You can encounter him at Stormveil Castle. we will add a video of Complete Playthrough of Stormveil Castle below.

Once you have collected a Great Rune, you can go to any Site of Grace and use the “Great Runes” menu option to equip it into the Major Runes slot. However, it needs to be clarified what it means to “collect” the Major Rune, as simply getting it by defeating the boss isn’t going to be enough.

Stormveil Castle Complete Walkthrough Elden Ring

Activating Great Rune power at Divine Tower in Elden Ring

Indeed, you will first have to restore its power by finding the Divine Tower, generally finding it at the top of a tower provided for this purpose. Then the power is restored that you can equip the Major Rune.

Divine Tower usually still tricky places to reach, guarded by overpowered enemies, but the rewards are always worth it. Above all, The Tower is still in the same region as the boss Godrick you beat.

  • You need to pass a long Bridge with full of giants then reach a teleport spot.
  • Use teleport to cross the bridge.
  • And you will see a majestic Tower.
  • Enter the tower and go to the top.
Going to Divine Tower to activate Great Runes


Now that you’ve restored its power, you may think you only need to equip it to be able to enjoy its power at will. Unfortunately, that’s not entirely true. Indeed, with each death, the power of the Major Rune will disappear.

To make it reappear, you will have to use these fairly rare items called Rune Arc. These Rune Arcs are more or less farmable on rats regardless of their location so if you find a sewer you can always do a little ratting in hopes of getting a Rune Arc.


This process may seem complicated for not much but, as an example, the first Major Rune increases all your stats by 5 when equipped, which is equivalent to an additional 40 levels! If you go to the status, you will see that all your stats have been increased by 5, but your level will not have changed.


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