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Lost Ark: Berserker Class Detailed Guide and Skill Build

Berserker is one of the strongest class in Lost Ark. They wield a massive large sword and deal massive damage with massive AoE attacks, although they have a slow animation time for certain attacks.

When you enter the Rage-induced Berserker mode, you can easily sweep large pools of enemies. In this form, attack speed and critical damage chance are greatly increased. This is basically the Berserker’s power mod and is filled by attacking enemies. 

The brand new Berserker Mayhem Engraving rework has made this one of the most popular classes in the Lost Ark right now. Of course, these balance changes are always subject to further updates. As it’s been said a million times: don’t play a class just because it’s a meta, because next week there will be a new meta.

Overall, the Berserker is a relatively simple class to play with with the potential to become a PvE or PvP powerhouse.

Berserker Class Overview


Strong warriors with big guns and slow blows. Despite the seemingly impenetrable armor of the Berserker, it is impossible to call it a full-fledged tank. Its task is to break into the crowd of opponents and inflict massive damage. Let him swing his sword slowly, each hit will take a lot of life points from the enemy.

Berserker’s characteristic is his ability to accumulate rage. When this unique resource reaches a certain level, he will go berserk and swing his sword at an increased rate, dealing much more damage. Overall, this is a good solo class, but it would still be better if it cooperates with distraction tanks. You can form an invincible team with a nearby healer.

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Berserker’s strengths and weaknesses

The Berserker is one of the most popular classes in Lost Ark, but it has its pros and cons.


  • It’s easy to master.
  • Deals massive damage to nearby enemies.
  • It works great in PvE mode.


  • Long duration of the attack
  • Longer attack cooldowns.
  • Ranged combat.


Best Berserker Engravings (Passive Buff)

Engraving are passive buffs that increase your class’s strength tenfold. We’ll take a look at some of the best Berserker Engravings below. First, two classes of bonus Engravings. These affect your “Explosion” ability or your Berserker mod i.e. Identity Skill.

Berserker’s TechniqueMayhem
Level 1: While detonating, Critical Damage is increased by 30%. Removes Exhaustion when Burst expires.Rage is always full, damage is increased by 4% at level 1, 9% at level 2, and 18% at level 3. Attack speed and movement speed are increased by 15%. Reduces Max HP to 25%, but takes 65% less damage.
Level 2: While detonating, Critical Damage is increased by 40%. Eliminates Exhaustion after Burst expires.
Level 3: While detonating, Critical Damage is increased by 50 percent. Removes Exhaustion when Burst expires.

After a complete rework of the Berserker class, the new version of Mayhem is very popular right now. Berserker’s Technique is now the much less used Engraving class between the two.

Mayhem allows you to have a permanent rage mod. You take much less damage, but your health is also reduced by a massive 75%. This turns Berserker into a much squishier class. You balance increased damage with reduced survivability. Is it really important? No. No it is not. Playing Mayhem Berserker is a lot of fun.

Given the popularity of the Mayhem Engraving buff in the current meta, you should use these Engravings together to get the most out of your build.

These buffs can be changed at any time.

GrudgeKeen Blunt WeaponCursed Doll
Level 3: All damage dealt to Boss or higher monsters is increased by 20%. Damage from bosses or higher monsters increased by 20%Level 3: 50% extra Critical Damage, but your basic attacks deal 20% less damage.Level 3: Attack power is increased by 16%, but all incoming healing is reduced by 25%.

These are the most common Engravings you will see in Lost Ark. The Grudge and Cursed Doll are pretty much the staples of the Tier 1 content, and the Sharp Blind Weapon is an idea for the critical heavy burst damage classes, and the Berserker certainly is. If you are playing in Mayhem mode.

Lost Ark Awakening Skills

As with all Lost Ark classes, each class has two different Lost Ark Awakening skills. The two Lost Ark Berserker Awakening skills are Chain of Vengeance and Berserker’s Fury.

Chain of Vengeance is all about bringing your enemies closer to you, dealing damage and then pushing them away. Meanwhile, Berserker’s Fury enchants your sword. You get a charge bar and the longer you hold it, the more damage it deals and its range increases per charge level.

You will unlock these skills at the end of the game. You get the first at level 50 and the second comes from a later questline. To use these skills, you need a reagent that you can purchase in-game with your in-game currency.

Lost Ark: Berserker PvE Build


A Berserker’s ideal PvE build will typically emphasize damage and defense while sacrificing some mobility. Ideally, you’ll be playing endgame content with other classes that will help keep the Berserker alive and allow the class to focus on dealing damage.

For PvP, you’ll definitely want a little more mobility and defense. The right combination of skills should make surviving a little easier by missing a few hits here and there (but you definitely want to avoid this whenever possible.)

Lost Ark Berserker Gems and Runes

There is quite a bit of variety in the best Berserker jewelry. Savages need your skills to deal the most damage.

Therefore, the obvious choice is to put attack power gems on your best skills, such as Hell Blade, Finish Strike, and Tempest Slash. However, you will be much more likely to be familiar with Berserkers. This isn’t as bad as the recent agility nerfs in Korea, meaning Berserker has taken down some CDs, but you may find your class sluggish at times.

If you don’t like laziness, we recommend adding cooldown gems to your skills with long CDs. Alternatively, apply the Quick Preparation tripod to your skills to get back into the action much faster.

However, if you think your CDs are good, then you can have this attack power, or even some speed of use in skills like Hell Blade.

This completes our Lost Ark Berserker Guide for now. The game will get updates and will be changed but we will update our guides as well.

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