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How to unlock and upgrade Bags in Horizon Forbidden West

There are a total of 5 types of satchels in Horizon Forbidden West: Backpacks, which can hold different props, such as ammunition, food, traps, etc. So how do these bags unlock and upgrade? The following is an introduction to the unlocking and upgrading methods of the “Horizon West ” bag, let’s take a look.

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Types of bags in Horizon Forbidden West

There are a total of 5 types of bags in this game, which can be unlocked by obtaining 1 resource or ammo in each type of bag. Unlocked and can be upgraded through the [Workbench].

You can view the currently unlocked bags on any workbench in any large settlement. You must upgrade each type of bag at least once to unlock the trophy [Bronze – Upgrade All Types of Bags]. If you lack some upgrade resources, just go to the In the upgrade menu of the workbench, press the [△ key] to create a job, so that the location of the missing resource can be marked on the map (displayed as a task mark).

All bag types

  • Food Bag: Buy food (such as local stews, etc.) from any cook (food merchant) in any residence, and a food merchant will appear in each residence, such as in [Shackle Town (need to complete his quest first) ], [Plain Song’s Domain], [Burning Spear Land], and [Fortress Wall]. This bag is unlocked after purchasing the first food item
  • Potion Bags: Buy potions from any apothecary (healing) in any residence, and can also be found in resource chests. Bags can be unlocked by collecting potions
  • Resource Bag: Available initially. It’s already unlocked when you reach the first workbench, because some resources can be collected in the first main quest
  • Trap Bag: Available initially. It has been unlocked when you reach the first workbench, because you need to make some traps in the first main quest (press [Cross Key-Down] to make traps)
  • Ammo Bag: Available initially. Each type of weapon unlocks a bag, for example the Hunter’s Quiver is initially unlocked, and by acquiring more weapons you can also get a small bag of the corresponding type of ammo. 

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