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Horizon Forbidden West Background story and plot introduction

In the “Horizon” series, players will play Eloy to save the earth from the crisis of the Farrow machinery. Starting a game like this can be confusing if you do not know how the story began.

The following brings you an introduction to the “Horizon” series of plots, giving you a general introduction to the story background of the game and the main plots of the two generations of works, hoping to help everyone.

Lineup and Background Story Introduction

Faro Automation Solutions Group

[Ted Farrow] founded a company with the main direction of researching personal attendants and bodyguard robots, and then made significant progress because of the addition of Dr. [Alysabette Sobek], in the early days of the company’s establishment to deal with the extinction of the biosphere , Restoring the ecological environment as the main purpose. Farrow Company is the original development company of all the mechanical beasts in the game. The mechanical beasts initially absorbed harmful substances and converted them into beneficial substances through a method called [biomass conversion], making a significant contribution to the ecological recovery of the entire earth.

At the end of 2040, Farrow established a military defense division, and the mechanical beast began to transform into militarized technology, and then monopolized the global automated military platform market. At this time, Dr. Elisabeth left Farrow Company due to differences of opinion.

In 2064, the Farrow mechanical group got out of control and began to attack humans. The Farrow Company, which did not retain the back door, was powerless to recover, and the mechanical beast gradually became the master of the earth.

Miriam Technology

The technology enterprise founded by Elisabeth after leaving Farrow Company, takes ecological restoration as its main purpose and runs through it throughout. The [Zero Dawn] project was established after the Farrow Machine Group got out of control.

Zhiyuan Zenith

An organization composed of people at the top of the world’s wealth pyramid, which has provided technical support for Faro Corporation and the Zero Dawn Project. Acquired the abandoned spaceship Odyssey and transformed it, escaped the earth aboard the Odyssey after the mechanical beast crisis, and went to the Sirius system to establish a new colony.

In “Zero Dawn” we can learn that the Odyssey spacecraft exploded and all the members of the Reach Zenith died, but in “Western Despair” we will find that this is just a cover-up news, in fact, the Reach Zenith has been successfully reached Sirius Galaxy and established a colony.

Project Zero Dawn

The Zero Dawn Project is based on the premise of the extinction of human beings in the old era, and preserves the genes and all cultural knowledge of humans, animals, and plants. genetic embryos to restore ecology. A system of Gaia and its sub-functional components is called a terraforming system.

The protagonist [Eloy] in the game is a human being bred with Dr. Elisabeth’s genes, so he has the highest authority in the entire terraforming system, allowing us to travel unimpeded in various ancient relics.


Terraforming system

The system consisting of AI Gaia and its nine sub-functional components is also the core of the Zero Dawn Project. Each sub-function has a different purpose, and Gaia is responsible for centering and regulating. The story of West End is about Gaia and its sub-functions.

The sub-functions are:

  • Minerva: Responsible for generating the code to shut down the swarm, and the main component for cracking the runaway swarm.
  • Ether: Responsible for monitoring and regulating Earth’s atmosphere and climate.
  • Demeter: Responsible for controlling soil, fertilizer, and plant growth.
  • Poseidon: Monitoring and regulating the distribution of water resources and the content of various substances in them.
  • Hephaestus: In charge of designing and building machines in batches.
  • Artemis: Responsible for breeding and regulating wild animals.
  • Eletheia: Responsible for nurturing and educating a new generation of humans, Eloy was bred by Eleithia.
  • Apollo: All knowledge of the old man is preserved, but all knowledge is emptied by Ted Farrow.
  • Hades: Responsible for monitoring Gaia, and replacing Gaia’s dominance after deeming a major problem with the operation of the current terraforming system, exterminating the current ecosphere and restarting the terraforming process. The story of Zero Dawn revolves around Hades.



Zero Dawn synopsis

After the extinction of the old human beings, the new human beings began to multiply and survive again with the tribal culture. In a tribe of the Nora tribe, people believed in the goddess (Ereteia) in the cave. One day, a baby girl was suddenly sent out of the cave. Yunuo Raised by the exile [Rost] of the La tribe, this baby girl is the protagonist of the game, Eloy.

In childhood, Eloy accidentally fell into the ruins of an old era, and obtained a [holographic glasses]. From then on, Eloy can see various information left by the old era through this glasses.

Hades, who was sleeping, was awakened by a [mysterious signal] and directly crossed Gaia to start exterminating the ecosphere. In order to destroy the world, Hades, who exists in the wreckage of the machine, needs the help of humans. It happened that a man named [Cerence] came to the ruins and saw Hades. Hades used human knowledge as a bargaining chip to persuade him. Cerence and it cooperated. Then Sirens packaged Hades as the god of darkness and attracted a large number of believers to serve him.

Eloy’s holographic glasses signal exposed her to Hades’ sight. In order not to let a possible “Alyssa Bette” get in the way of his plan, Hades ordered Serens to send out a cultist to try to kill Elo. Yi. And when the cultists attacked Eloy, Rost sacrificed himself to save Eloy.


On the way to find the enemy who killed his father, Eloy’s holographic glasses were invaded by Serens, Serence told Eloy of Hades’ conspiracy, so the two temporarily reached a cooperation in order to prevent Hades.

During the adventure, we saw the information that Gaia left before hibernation, and learned that we must first destroy Hades before we can restart Gaia to save the earth. Colleague Eloy got the program to close Hades in the ruins, and everything was ready to fight Hades and his mechanical group.

Having obtained the procedure to shut down Hades, we installed it in the spear given to us by Serence and inserted the spear into Hades’ core during the showdown. When Eloy thought that he had completely defeated Hades and left Meridian City, Hades’ data was transmitted to the container prepared by Sirens through a spear, and the plot of Zero Dawn ended. The mysterious signal that activates Hades and the conspiracy of Sirens will unfold in the Westbound.


West End Plot Synopsis

After defeating Hades, Eloy continued to embark on the road to save the world, constantly exploring the ruins to find the whereabouts of the copy of Gaia to activate the terraforming system.

After returning to Meridian City again, Eloy found that the spear that destroyed Hades turned out to be a signal transmission device, which means that Hades was not completely destroyed. So Eloy needs to investigate the whereabouts of Gaia while investigating Serence’s conspiracy.

With nothing to do, Serence reached out to Eloy and led her to an old-time facility. In the facility, Eloy met Hades imprisoned and learned that Sirens had tortured Hades here for the old human knowledge. After completely destroying Hades, Eloy went deep into the facility and successfully found a copy of Gaia.

Before Eloy could celebrate, he was attacked by a group of uninvited guests at the facility. Among the uninvited guests is a woman named [Beta] who looks exactly the same as Eloy, and also has the authority of Elisabeth. From this, Eloy judges that Beta is also a clone of Elisabeth.

Because the mysterious man is protected by a special shield, Eloy’s attacks are completely unable to damage him. In desperation, Eloy could only destroy the facility to escape. Although he was seriously injured in the process of escaping from the facility, fortunately, he successfully obtained a copy of Gaia. After controlling a large crucible facility, he used it as a base to successfully start the copy of Gaia.

It was learned through Gaia Eloy that the mysterious people who attacked her at the facility were likely members of the Reach Zenith, but for some reason they returned to Earth from the Sirius system. And the mysterious signal that activated Hades before also came from the hands of Zhiyuan Zenith.

At the same time, in order to successfully start the terraforming system and absorb Hephaestus to stop making mechanical beasts, we also need to find at least three sub-functions [Ether], [Demeter] and [Poseidon], so Eloy once again Embark on a journey to discover the ruins.

In the process of exploring the ruins, we found Beta who escaped from the control of the Zenith, and successfully rescued it and brought it back to the base. Through Beta, we learned a lot of information about the Zhiyuan Zenith people, and learned that the Zhiyuan Zenith people have successfully mastered a certain genetic technology to be immortal. people.


After successfully finding three sub-functions, Gaia is strong enough to hold Hephaestus, so Eloy and his partners come to the Twin Crucible to try to control Hephaestus.

But after successfully absorbing Hephaestus, the Zenith of Reach suddenly appeared and took away Gaia and Beta. At a critical moment, one of the far-reaching Zenithmen [Tilda] suddenly rebelled and rescued Eloy.

After waking up again, Eloy and Tilda talked, and the two sides temporarily reached a cooperation in order to destroy the Zenith. Since Eloy had previously seen that Sirens’ subordinates had weapons that could disintegrate the Zenith shield, he found and successfully persuaded Sirens to cooperate again.

After everything was ready, everyone went to the Zhiyuan Zenith base to launch a raid on it. In the base, Eloy found a mysterious signal named [Nemesis] who was following the footprints of the Zhiyuan Zenith people to the earth. Later, it was learned through Tilda that Nemesis was the product of the unsuccessful attempts of the Reach Zenith to digitize consciousness. After losing control, due to the hatred of Reach Zenith, Nemesis destroyed the colony of the Sirius galaxy and tried to destroy all Reach Zenith. people.

And Tilda plans to abandon the earth and go to a random galaxy to avoid the pursuit after finding Gaia and all the sub-functions on earth. In order to protect the earth, Eloy naturally rejected her plan and successfully defeated Tilda to get Gaia back.

At this point, the plot of the West End has all ended. Eloy successfully solved the threat of Zhiyuan Zenith and was able to restart the terraforming system, but everyone will still face more severe tests.

Horizon Forbidden West Cinematic Trailer

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