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Lost Ark Maps: How to Use Treasure Maps

There are secret quests that you can start when investigating certain parts of the environment, and you will sometimes loot keys with an icon of a treasure map in the inventory. When right-clicking them, you’ll get this.


Those scrolls indicate the location of secret dungeons. You might need to open your map with the scroll still open to recognize the part shown in it. Head to the cross sign and wander around until you receive a strange notification.

When you’ll go near the entrance of the secret dungeon, you’ll get a notification with the option “Enter Secret Dungeon.” Press G and you’ll see the portal appear. Then you’ll teleport instantly into the dungeon.

Once in the dungeon, it’ll be pretty straightforward. You can easily run through all of it to go straight to the boss, and then defeat all its enemies at once. They are usually quite squishy and won’t deal that much damage. As a reward, you’ll get random loot including some gear, as well as XP.

If you are new to Lost Ark, you can get detailed information about the game by reading our Lost Ark Getting Started Guide.

How To Use Treasure Maps In Lost Ark

Once a player receives a treasure map, they will need to open the map and identify the region. The location is typically situated on the top left of the map and will need to be matched up with the player’s location in-game.

Players will need to use the map’s visual characteristics in combination with maps of the identified areas as well as whatever is seen in-game. The main clue as to the location of the hidden dungeon will be the general outline of the area seen in the map in association with the ‘X’.

Where to Find Lone Insects Demonic Cave in Lost Ark

To find the Lone Insect’s Demonic Cave, the solution to the Lost Ark treasure map, you need to go to a specific point in the Saland Hill area, on the continent of Yudia. In the middle of the map, you’ll see a stretch of land that goes northeast, towards Aregal Salt Plains. 

You need to head over to the south side of this path, and then head a little bit to the east. Take a look at the map below to see the area:


How Do You Get Treasure Maps In Lost Ark?

Players can gain treasure maps after they progress to the land of Rethramis Border. After this point, players will begin receiving blue scrolls at random drop rates whenever they defeat an enemy. The blue scrolls function as keys for the hidden dungeons located throughout Arkesia.

It’s important to note that, while online guides are great, you should ideally be using your wits and in-game experience to locate each dungeon. As a result, you will not be able to access the hidden dungeon unless you have the corresponding treasure map in your inventory.

Once you can pin the location down to a general area, you’ll need to experiment with your overall position on the map. Simply walk around the area you believe is the correct location until something sticks. You should be looking for a pop-up notification that reads ‘Enter Secret Dungeon’, accompanied by an interact icon.

If you get this notification along with a blue portal, congratulations! You have found the accurate location for the treasure map that you’ve received. Entering the dungeon will then place you in an instance for the hidden dungeon.

Once players enter the hidden dungeon, the fun starts! All of the enemies will need to be defeated and replaced with shiny little piles of loot. There should be one boss-type enemy to defeat.


What Rewards Do Treasure Maps Give?

Tracking down a hidden dungeon location using a treasure map will be rewarded with a variety of useful items. Players can expect to receive plenty of miscellaneous loot and a handful of high-tier items after defeating the hidden dungeon’s boss enemy, coupled with a ton of wealth XP.

Lost Ark Treasure Map Guide Video Tutorial

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