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Lost Ark: Artillerist Class Detailed Guide and Skill Build

One of the Gunner classes, the class features large cannons loaded with explosives, fire, and enormous ironclad protection that makes him one of the most durable characters in the game. That’s not all. You can also transform into a huge turret, drastically increasing your damage and firing big laser beams and even bigger bombs at your opponent.

Our Lost Ark Artillerist guide will walk you through all of this class’ fundamentals, as well as show some additional tips.

If this sounds like something you’d be interested in, we’ve put up a beginners’ guide on the Lost Ark

Artillerist Class Overview

artillerist lost ark

It is the best class for those who like to shoot from afar. A low mobility and high damage marksman. It moves slowly but carries with it a huge cannon that can guarantee victory with just a few shots. After accumulating energy, the shooter places his cannon in some type of artillery slot, immobilizing and firing.

This cannon can transform and fire into different weapons such as a machine gun, grenade launcher, rocket launcher, and flamethrower. The shooter cannot dodge enemy attacks and dodge bullets. Therefore, this is definitely not a PvP level class. However, it is extremely useful in PvE and group battles.

Lost Ark Artillerist Engravings

Like every class in Lost Ark, two exclusive Engravings are available for the Artillerist. Players are not limited to those two only, and there are dozens of other engravings available to boost your stats and compliment your playstyle. These are listed in priority of how you should get them. As you level and unlock more engravings, you can go down the list and add the others. For the Artillerist, we’ll be focusing on building Engravings around Firepower. If you want to pick up Barrage Enhancement, you can do so and keep it at level one.

Artillerist Exclusive Engravings

  • Firepower – Incoming damage decrease. Crit Rate increase depending on the level of the Firepower buff.
  • Barrage Enhancement – Barrage skill damage increase. If you have no Firepower Buff, Firepower Meter increased. Once the Firepower Meter recharges, removes the cooling effect.
  • Firepower – Incoming damage decrease. Crit Rate increase depending on the level of the Firepower buff.
  • Adrenaline – After using skills, Attack Power increases and stacks up to six times. At max stacks, Crit Rate increases.
  • Keen Blunt Weapon – Crit Damage increases but your attacks have a chance to deal 20% less damage.
  • Hit Master – Damage increase for attacks other than Back Attack and Frontal Attack. Does not apply to Awakenings.
  • Barricade – Increased damage to foes while shielders.
  • Grudge – Damage increases to Boss or above monsters. Incoming damage also increases.
  • Cursed Doll – Attack Power increases. Healing decreases, except for natural recovery.

A majority of players will generally be using the Firepower enhancement Engraving, taking it all the way up to level three. Some players like to use it with Barrage Enhancement to use both class-exclusive Engravings. However, that is a playstyle of less than half of the top players in Lost Ark. In terms of stat priority for the Firepower Artillerist, you will want to focus on Crit and Swift.

Artillerist Skill Runes & Gems

The Artillerist is one of the most powerful stagger classes in the game. As a result, any ability rune that provides stagger should be allocated to a skill with a high amount of stagger. This is so you can inflict greater harm when your opponents are staggered, which compliments the Napalm Staggered Tripod you choose.

The shield gems are another good option for this Lost Ark Artillerist build. You can use this to your other non-shield gems and improve your survival chances. It’s also advantageous if you take the shield engraving because it allows you to keep up with the shield x damage boost inscription synergy.

Lost Ark Artillerist Skills and Tripods

The standard skills you’ll want to use in this Lost Ark Artillerist build are the most powerful damage skills, along with sufficient resource generation and damage boosts via staggering and armor reduction. Regardless of whether you’re doing PvP, group PvE, or solo PvE, opting into the defensive party buff for summoning a turret is a fantastic idea. However, it comes at a cost: some damage boosts are lost.

To obtain Tripods for your most powerful Skills, invest in Skill Points. The following are the major Character Levels at which you can gain access to the greatest number of Skill Tripods. Make careful to reallocate any surplus points into the core Abilities when required.


SkillWhat it doesTripod 1Tripod 2Tripod 3
Napalm ShotFire a shell at the location, which launches foes into the air. The shell leaves behind a patch of fire, which deals damage every second for 5 seconds.Focus Me – stagger damage buff for four seconds.Vital – Crit rate increaseChain – repeats the attack twice and adds extra fire effects.
Multiple RocketsFires 5 missiles =, with each missile dealing significant damage. However, the rockets pathing are random.Flame – adds fire damage to the rockets.Quick – Increase the rocket firing speed and increase damage.Access Denies – Fire twice as many rockets and increases damage.
FlamethrowerFire a flamethrower in a direction which you can do while moving. Deals damage over four seconds.Quick Prep – cooldown reductionShield – Grants a shield while using this skill.Blue – Increases the duration of the skill and increases damage.
Air RaidFire large bullets into the sky that drop and deal damage and launch foes hit into the air.Quick- Attack speed increase.Lightning – 30% crit rate increase on the skill.The Big One – Fire a single shell, increasing damage and explosion area.
TurretSummon a turret with a machine gun for ten seconds.Armor – Reduce foes defence by 12% for six seconds.Enhanced – increases turret damage.Laser – Turret becomes a laser and gets a damage increase.
BarrageQuick cannonball attack.Firepower meter recovery increase by 100%Enhanced – Damage increase.
Homing BarrageSend out a beacon that attracts a missile several seconds later that launches foes into the air and deals big AOE damage.Guiding – reduces missile travel time by one second.Weak Point – Damage to push immune foes increased.Power Bomb – Drop a bomb aswell that deals bonus damage. Also leaves behind a hazard zone that deals damage for eery second an enemy stands inside it.
Energy FieldCreate a 40% health shield for four seconds.Mind – No mana cost.Energy – increase shield duration by four seconds – now eight seconds.Solid – Become push immune while the shield is active.

Lost Ark Artillerist Starter Guide 2022 Video Tutorial

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