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Lost Ark: Striker Class Detailed Guide and Skill Build

The Striker is a pretty well-defined class, capable do doing lots and lots of damage with a variety of martial arts.

The first of the four martial artist subclasses is the Striker, who is the closest to a ‘traditional’ martial artist of the group. If you like punching, kicking, and high-flying combos this is the pick for you.

Lost Ark: Striker Class Overview


The Striker is a subclass for the ‘Martial Artist’ class. In terms of where the Striker stands in PvP and PvE, it’s a popular PvP class and sees less use in PvE. However, like all classes in Lost Ark, there are suitable builds for each gameplay type. You may want to check the other Martial Artist class in Lost Ark Soulfist guide here.

  • The Striker is an evolution of the Martial Artist Class
  • Strikers utilize Elemental Gauntlets to attack enemies with their fast punches and kicks as well as aerial combos. Thanks to these gauntlets, they have the ability to store energy in order to inflict massive burst damage.
  • Strikers are highly mobile, which synergizes very well with their skills that have low cooldowns. As such, they can easily get in and out of combat by dashing from one enemy to the next.
  • In PvP, you’re able to traverse fluidly around the arena because of how brisk your movements are. However, you do lack the defenses necessary to protect yourself from crowd control when engaging and juggling too many enemies at once. Because of this, it takes practice to truly master the Striker Advanced Class.
  • If you’re the type of player who thrives in fast-paced combat and you prefer to have fantastic mobility with flashy and quick melee combos, then the Striker is for you.

Lost Ark: Striker Class Pros & Cons

We will cover how these, as well as the class Engravings, impact the playstyles for the Striker.


  • Powerful class in PvP due to high burst damage and plenty of CC
  • Lots of mobility skills/abilities for kiting in PvP
  • Relatively simple combo mechanics


  • Pretty squishy class lacking defensive stats
  • Requires stacked Speciality stat to really kick off
  • The ‘back-attack’ abilities are pretty difficult to hit consistently, will take practice to perfect

Lost Ark: Striker Class Best PvE build

SkillSkill Level (/10)Rune IIIIII
Esoteric Skill: Lightning Tiger Strike10Single StrikeTenacityConsecutive Kick
Lightning Kick8Sharp MovementIntense ShockN/A
Lightning Whisper7Elemental ExtortionTransferable LightningN/A
Moon Flash Kick10Intense ShockExcellent MobilityFull Moon Kick
Phoenix Advent10Wide StrikeFreeze EffectNimble Movement
Storm Dragon Awakening10Excellent MobilityEasy TargetFallen Flower Gak
Sweeping Kick10Elemental ExtortionLight of JusticePure Excellence

Lost Ark: Striker Class Best PvP build

Similar to a PvE Striker build, the name of the game in PvP will always be damage, but this set of abilities puts more of a focus on mobility. This allows you to evade devastating attacks from opponents while dishing out damage in huge bursts.

So, in order to maximize your PVP strength, here are all the skills you’ll need:

SkillSkill Level (/10)Rune IIIIII
Esoteric Skill: Lightning Tiger Strike10TenacitySingle StrikeAscension
Lightning Whisper10Lightning’s BlessingQuick PreparationFatal Lightning
Moon Flash Kick10Intense ShockExcellent MobilityFull Moon Kick
Phoenix Advent10Wide StrikeFreeze EffectNimble Movement
Sky Shattering Blow4Swift FootworkN/AN/A
Sleeping Ascent Celebration10Wide StrikeQuick PreparationLeaf Sweep
Storm Dragon Awakening10Excellent MobilityEnhanced StrikeFallen Flower Gak
Swift Wind Kick10Lightning Round KickSwift FootworkExtreme Training

Lost Ark: Striker Class Identity Skills

The core identity of the Striker is based on a resource generation from his skills. Unlike other classes that fill gauge, you instead collect an orb called Estoric Orbs. These orbs fill a gauge, which you spend on super powerful basic skills. However, with the most common build, you’re going to run you will get four Estoric Orb slots, instead of the base three. Not to mention you will get a bonus amount of damage based on the level of your Deathblow engraving.

Lost Ark: Striker Class Engravings

Here we take a look at the class Engravings for the Striker, as well as some recommended Engravings for both PvE and PvP builds.

The Striker has two Class Engravings: Esoteric Flurry and Deathblow.

Esoteric FlurryDeathblow
  • Level 1: Esoteric Skill damage is reduced by -15 percent, but only 1 Orb is consumed.
  • Level 2: Esoteric Skill damage is reduced by -8 percent, but only 1 Orb is consumed.
  • Level 3: Only one Orb is used up with an Esoteric Skill.
  • Level 1: Increase Elemental Orb by 1. Esoteric skills consume ALL Orbs but increase damage by 17 percent for each Orb consumed.
  • Level 2: Increase Elemental Orb by 1. Esoteric skills consume ALL Orbs but increase damage by 26 percent for each Orb consumed.
  • Level 3: Increase Elemental Orb by 1. Esoteric skills consume All Orbs but increase damage by 35 percent for each Orb consumed.

There are two class-specific engravings that players can use for the Striker Class.

Esoteric Flurry reduces Esoteric skill damage by 15%, but will only use one Elemental Orb. Deathblow adds one additional Elemental Orb and Esoteric skills will use all available orbs dealing 17% damage for each orb consumed.

Deathblow is generally considered the best engraving for a high-damage Striker, but players can also use Master of Ambush which increases back attack damage, or Keen Blunt Weapon which increases critical damage.

Lost Ark: Striker Class Awakening Skills

Like every Lost Ark class, the Striker has two Awakening Skills. These two Awakening skills are Explosive Heat and Heavenly. Explosive allows the Striker to advance 4 meters and strike four times with his explosive fists. Meanwhile, Heavenly is an Awakening skill that empowers the Striker’s kick, dealing huge bursts and sending enemies into space before they fall back down to earth.

Lost Ark: Striker Class Best Gems to Use

The general rule of thumb for the Striker is to try and gets gems that increase your identify gauge acquisition on the skills you use to build your meter. For example, you want to add this type of gem to the Sky Shattering Blow, as that generates a lot of gauge resource anyway. This way, you can get more orbs in that one skill since you already have an active resource tripod.

In addition, you want your non Orb skills with the most damage off cooldown and stronger. We recommend putting your damage buff and lowered cooldown gems into the Lightning Whisper skill. You especially want cooldown reduction on the skill since it provides a juicy crit buff to the enemies you hit with it. The more often you get to press that skill the better. 

Lastly, you want to apply your damage buff gems to your Orb Skills. You can only press these skills when you have an orb to spend. Since your Class Engraving already empowers Orb skills, any extra damage goes a long way.

Lost Ark: Striker Class How to Build a Striker (2022) Video

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