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How to Pause the game in Elden Ring

There is actually a way to pause Elden Ring without going through a mod or putting your console to sleep, and it will change your life.

Find out how to put the game on hold in case of an emergency so you can finally explore the Underworld realm without penalty!

As you probably know, Elden Ring is not a game for the weak. Between the level of difficulty, the traps scattered on the map , and the monsters with designs as incredible as they are frightening, players who are not used to the aesthetics and operation of From Software games may quickly become disenchanted. 

It takes time to tame the beast, and a certain determination to persevere in the die and retry optics emblematic of the Japanese studio.

However, while we would all love to return to a time when we could spend hours on a game without interruption and without having to worry about the outside world, many of us now have responsibilities, which can sometimes be incompatible with games of the genre – especially when it is not possible to pause. A few days ago we offered you a mod to pause Elden Ring precisely to avoid losing your life due to an unforeseen event, but it seems that there is a way to suspend the game without this tool and above all , without complicated handling.


And yes, you read that right: the legendary pause button is no longer a dream but a reality! As you can imagine, this is not a pause menu per se, but a small workaround that allows you to suspend game activity as soon as you feel the need. 

No more phone calls that cost you your life in the middle of a boss fight and no more factors that guarantee your death while you are pursued by a horde of enemies! Thanks to a very simple manipulation , you can take your calls, receive your packages, and even take a pee break without worrying about the consequences this will have on your character. Here is the procedure to follow to pause without impunity:

  • Open the Game Menu ;
  • Go to Inventory ;
  • Select Help ;
  • Display Menu Explanations .


There you go, your game is magically paused! Obviously, if you’re unfamiliar with Elden Ring’s menus and aren’t sure where the Menu Explanations are, you might take some damage if you’re in the middle of a fight. 

While there’s not much we can do about it for PC gamers who play with keyboard and mouse, gamers with a controller and those playing on consoles have a rare opportunity in these modern times: to turn this manipulation into cheat code.

Indeed, if you chain the buttons “Options, Down, Down, X, touchpad, Down, Down, X” on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 (and equivalent buttons on Xbox One and Xbox Series ), you will find yourself on the Explanations from the menu in no time! Very useful in case of emergency or urgent need. If you are interested in this manipulation, you can see it in action in the video above.


As you can see, the game is truly suspended, so you run no risk as long as you manage to display the Explanations of the menu . Please note that this manipulation has been tested on a solo game , and that we have no concrete information on how it works in multiplayer, although it seems unlikely that it can work in this case.

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