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6 Best Mods for Kerbal Space Program 2

Top KSP 2 mods (Updated)

Kerbal Space Program 2 (KSP2) is a popular video game that allows players to design and operate their own space program.  The game offers an incredibly immersive experience that can be enhanced through the use of mods, which are modifications created by the game’s community of players.

1. SORRY – Gridfins

SORRY - Gridfins-KSP-2-mod-min

With the technological advancement in reusability of space rockets, gridfins became an essential part of rocket building. In this matter, the modders delivered the first ever part mod which is a gridfin category.

Gridfins(Aero/Control Surfaces) – from S to L they provide control on atmospheric flights! great to steer loong rockets!


  • You will need to have Space Warp + BepInEx
  • Download and extract SpaceWarp + BepInEx in KSP 2 main folder
  • Unzip and Move the folder in Kerbal Space Program 2/BepInEx/


2. Delta V (∆v) Stage Info

Best Mods for Kerbal Space Program 2 - ∆v Stage Info

If you are a professional KSP1 player, you will notice how important to know and adjust your Delta V in order to go to the target with your rocket.


  • You will need to have Space Warp + BepInEx
  • Extract the BepInEx folder from the ZIP archive to the KSP2 installation directory, resulting in:

  • ../Kerbal Space Program 2/BepInEx/plugins/StageInfo/


3. HUD: Head Up Display

HUD Head Up Display new KSP 2 mod


  • You will need to have Space Warp + BepInEx
  • Download and extract SpaceWarp + BepInEx in KSP 2 main folder
  • Unzip and Move the folder in Kerbal Space Program 2/BepInEx/


  • horizontal circle with north (red) and south (green) indicators
  • vertical circle with sky/ground colors and prograde oriented
  • up (yellow) indicator
  • prograde, normal, radial indicators with standard KSP2 colors
  • enable/disable via standard mod configuration in KSP2 main menu
  • enable/disable in flight via standard app bar


4. Resonant Orbit Calculator

Resonant Orbit Calculator KSP 2


  • Display Carrier Vessel and Current Orbit Info
  • Assist In planning Deployment Missions for constellations of 2 or more satellites deployed
  • Model Resonant Deployment Orbit
  • Display effects of the next planned Maneuver


  • You will need to have Space Warp + BepInEx
  • Download and extract SpaceWarp into your game folder.
  • Download and extract this mod into the game folder. If done correctly, you should have the following folder structure: <KSP Folder>/BepInEx/plugins/resonant_orbit_calculator.


5. KSP 2 Builds – Ready builds

KSP 2 Builds - Ready builds


  • First you’ll want to find a build you want to try out
  • Then, click the “Export to KSP2” Button and it will copy the whole craft JSON text to your clipboard
  • Next, open up KSP2 and load into the VAB(Vehicle Assembly Building). Once you’re in, simply press ctrl+v and you’ll have the craft!


6. Less Wobbly 

Less Wobbly KSP2 mod


1. Download and install BepInEx 5
2. Download and extract this mod into your KSP 2 install folder (usually “Kerbal Space Program 2”)

How to Use the mod?

To open window, use Alt-J, use the slider and then hit apply
To close the window, use Alt-J again



So, this was the list for KSP 2 mods. Even though the game is still very fresh and there are not many mods, we still tried to find the best mods available at the moment. We will be updating the list every now and then.

Why are mods important in KSP 2?

Here are some reasons why mods are important for Kerbal Space Program 2:

  1. Customization: Mods allow players to customize their gaming experience to suit their preferences. Mods can add new features, change game mechanics, or simply make the game look better.

  2. Extended gameplay: Mods can add new content to the game, including new parts, missions, and planets. This can keep the game fresh and interesting, even after players have completed the base game.

  3. Education: Some mods can be educational, providing players with a more realistic understanding of space exploration and physics. This can be especially useful for students or anyone interested in science.

  4. Community: Mods are created by the community of Kerbal Space Program 2 players, and can encourage collaboration and sharing of ideas. This can create a more vibrant and engaged community around the game.

  5. Creativity: Mods can inspire players to create their own mods, or even create content outside of the game. This can lead to a sense of creative fulfillment and the development of new skills.

Overall, mods can greatly enhance the Kerbal Space Program experience and offer a wide range of benefits to players.

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