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Elden Ring Rivers of Blood Guide and Tips: How to Get it

Think you know all the weapons in Elden Ring? Here’s how to get Bloody River, an excellent Katana that you can miss if you advance a little too quickly in the game. A particularly interesting weapon that we invite you to discover in detail in our complete Elden Ring walkthrough.

Elden Ring is not stingy with weapons, far from it! After telling you how to get the Blasphemous Blade , an excellent 2-handed weapon, and the White Mask, which turns out to be excellent equipment for a Bleed Build , here’s how to get the Rivers of Blood Katana , which works for the same build as The mask !

Weapon of Okina, swordsman from the Land of Reeds. A cursed weapon that has felled countless men. When Mohg, the Lord of Blood, first felt Okina’s sword, and madness, upon his flesh, he had a proposal, to offer Okina the life of a demon, whose thirst would never go unsated.

Rivers of Blood, the cornerstone of bleeding builds

Rivers of Blood is one of the weapons you can find in Elden Ring. The advantage of this Katana is that it quickly increases the bleeding effect on enemies. This Katana is simply excellent for a bleeding build . It requires 12 strength, 18 dexterity and 20 arcane in order to be equipped.

Its unique skill, Corpse Piler , allows you to land a succession of fluid attacks, by successively pressing the corresponding key. And note that you can miss this Katana during your game, so let’s see together how to recover it!

How to get Rivers of Blood, one of the best weapon in the game


You can pick up Rivers of Blood in one of the last areas of the game, the Mountaintops of the Giants, which you will reach by following the main quest. However, beware! 

If you kill one of the bosses in the area, namely the Fire Giant, you will not be able to recover this weapon! You will have to go, as indicated on the map above, to a place called the Church of Repose. Once there, you will then be invaded by an NPC  Bloody Finger Okina at Mountaintops of the Giants.

You’re just going to have to beat him. The fight isn’t necessarily easy, as he can inflict a bleed debuff on you, which will do a lot of damage to you after a few hits. The goal here is going to be to wait for him to try to heal himself and punish him then and be as aggressive as possible.


Once dead, he will give you the Rivers of Blood but also Okina’s Mask ! Have fun with your new toy, and we’ll go into more detail on the bleeding build very soon! In the meantime, consider picking up the White Mask, which turns out to be great gear for a bleeding build.

You can check our Elden Ring Forums to learn more about Elden Ring and join our community.

Elden Ring rivers of blood katana location guide Video Tutorial

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