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Sons of the Forest: How to Craft a Bow?

You won’t be able to survive for very long in Sons of the Forest without a weapon, and one of the ways to defend yourself from afar is to get a bow. Fortunately, these are doable and do not require a lot of resources for their most basic version.

Hold down the left mouse button to place the arrow and release to release it. Note that arrows don’t fly straight forever and will drop down after a short while, but the longer you hold the left stick, the farther the arrow travels. Of course, you’ll need to make arrows as well.

Crafting Materials for a Bow

To craft a Crafted Bow in Sons of the Forest, you’ll need the following resources:

  • 2 sticks
  • 1 piece of adhesive tape
  • 1 piece of rope


You’ll have a few different options for rope and adhesive tape. These are naturally a harder resource to find. However, the game’s starting area will give you some resources to get started. So keep an eye out for rope and adhesive tape where you were born. If you have used up all the resources in this area, you will need to find another way to obtain them.

How to make a Bow?

In order to craft a bow, follow the steps below:

  • Press “I” to open your inventory
  • Right-click on the items requested
  • Click the gear icon to craft the bow
  • The bow will be added to your inventory
  • click the bow and gear it up


Adhesive tape can be found in red boxes with a yellow cap. Explore and open all the boxes you can open to obtain adhesive tape.

Ropes can be found in the starting area, in enemy camps, on the edge of cliffs, and in other places where people are present. Rope is not a natural resource, so you will find it in artificial places.

After you have all the materials, go to the craft mat to craft the three materials you have obtained.

How to Craft Arrows?

To make some arrows, you have different options. You can use the 3D printer to make some arrows or craft it on your inventory. You will need following materials in order to make arrows:

  • 2 Feather
  • 4 Small rocks
  • 2 Sticks


You can easily find sticks in the forest or chopping small trees. 

You can find feather by throwing small rocks to birds or building bird houses.


Small rocks can be found anywhere on the ground.

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