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How to get Shieldwing in Horizon Forbidden West

Shield Wing is a special equipment in Horizon Forbidden West. When used, it will make Eloy glide in the air like a parachute. So how to unlock the shield wing? Today, I would like to introduce to you how to obtain the shield wings in Horizon West. I hope it will be helpful to you.

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How to Get shield wings

The Shield Wing Glider is a paraglider-like glide tool that requires completing some Giraffes and a Great Crucible to unlock.

Shield Wings will be unlocked automatically after the fourth main quest [Ambassadors Meeting], you just need to advance to the fourth main quest, don’t worry about missing it.


How to use shield wings

When jumping into the air, press and hold the [□ key] to open the shield wing, and its use time will continue indefinitely until Eloy touches the ground. Does not take fall damage when using shield wings.

The unlocking requirement for the trophy [Complete one long-distance glide (continuous gliding for 60 seconds)] is to glide uninterruptedly for 60 seconds. It is recommended to complete it after unlocking the flying mount. Use the flying mount to fly to high altitude, and then use the shield wing to glide for 60 seconds.

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How To Get Shieldwing Glider in Horizon Forbidden West Video Tutorial

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