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Long-term investors in Bitcoin increase despite current market situation

The number of large and long-term Bitcoin investors has increased significantly, reaching levels last seen in February 2021.

Bitcoin is currently trading at $19,807, down 71 percent from its peak of $69,000. Despite the current market situation, some investors continue to accumulate bitcoin in their wallets.

The researchers shared that the number of investors has increased significantly, reaching levels last seen in February 2021. Bitcoin has been on the decline for months, and most investors keep bitcoin in their accounts because they believe it will eventually return.

Also recently, Sentiment confirmed that investors with 10 to 100 Bitcoins in their wallets have added 52,000 BTC to their accounts in the past five weeks. Bitcoin addresses holding between 10 and 100 bitcoins continued to accumulate during this decline, bringing their holdings to a total of 4.29 million bitcoins.

They added another 52,000 Bitcoins to their wallets when prices dropped 27% in the last five weeks. In this case, it shows that investors’ confidence in Bitcoin continues.

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