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Sons of the Forest: All Cheat codes and Console Commands

The is no doubt Sons of the Forest is a tough survival game that may bore some players out of dying. Sons of the Forest is already meeting with a success that is quite crazy on the players’ side. But some people ask themselves a question, that of knowing if cheat codes or even commands exist in game. This is what we are going to see in this article.

How to Activate Console Commands?

To activate console commands in Sons of the Forest, follow the steps below:

  • Launch the game
  • load up a game save.
  • While in the game, Enter the word “cheatstick” (without the quotation marks).
  • Press the F1 key.
  • The console window will come down.

Simply enter “cheatstick” in the normal game, unpaused. Your character might move a bit, but it’ll still trigger.

Sons of the Forest System Commands

Systemairadar [on/off]Creates a box at the feet of every AI, displaying their distance from the player.
Systemaishowdebugcamera [on/off]Moves your camera position away from your character’s perspective.
Systemaishowstats [on/off]Creates a box at the feet of every AI, displaying their general anger, fear, and energy stats.
Systemaishowsurvivalstats [on/off]Creates a box at the feet of AI, displaying their fullness, hydration, and energy stats.
Systemaistatadjust [stat] [+/- number]Allows you to change the individual stats of an AI.
Systemaivillageclosest [on/off]Creates a box displaying the distance and direction of the nearest village to the player.
Systemaiworldeventstats [on/off]Displays a box in the top-left showing cannibal anger, the time of day, and other world events.
Systemaiworldstats [on/off]Displays a box in the top-left showing stats of cannibals, animals, and other AI throughout the world.
Systemaizonestats [on/off]Displays a box in the top-left showing stats of cannibals, animals, and other AI throughout your current zone.
Systemshowfps [on/off]Shows your FPS count in the top-right corner.
Systemshowhud [on/off]Toggles the HUD on and off.
Systemshowui [on/off]Toggles the UI on and off.

World Commands

Worldaddcharacter robby [number]Spawns the defined number of Kelvins into the game.
Worldaddcharacter virginia [number]Spawns the defined number of Virginias into the game.
Worldaiangerlevel [number]Changes the anger level of all AI.
Worldaianimspeed [number]Changes the animation speed of all AI (1 is default, so 10 is super fast and 0.1 is super slow).
Worldaiarmorlevel [number]Changes the amount of protection that AI have.
Worldaidisable [on/off]Adds/removes all AI from the game.
Worldaidummy [on/off]Makes AI un/aware of your presence.
Worldaigodmode [on/off]Turns AI invincible.
Worldaipause [on/off]Pauses all AI instantly (will turn off if you pause the game).
Worldanimalsenabled [on/off]Removes all animals when toggled on.
Worldspawnitem [item tag number] [number of item to spawn]Spawns a specified amount of the specified item.
Worldspawnitem 78 50Spawns 50 logs.
Worldspawnitem 362 50Spawns 50 cases of Pistol Ammo.
Worldspawnitem 363 50Spawns 50 cases of Shotgun Slugs.
Worldspawnitem 364 50Spawns 50 cases of Buckshot Shotgun Shells.
Worldspawnitem 369 50Spawns 50 cases of Stun Gun ammo.
Worldsettimeofday [number between 1 and 24]Set the time of day.
Worldtreescutall [on/off]Cuts all trees around the player, useful if you want to clear space for a base.

Player Commands

PlayeraddallitemsAdds a full stack of every item into your inventory.
PlayeraddallstoryitemsAdds items that are necessary for the story to your inventory.
Playeradditem [item name]Adds the specified item to your inventory.
Playeradditemswithtag [item tag]Adds an item with the specified tag to your inventory.
Playergodmode [on/off]Enables/disables godmode, making you invincible and giving max health, hunger, hydration, and energy.
Playerspeedyrun [on/off]Allows you to run at much higher speed than normal.
Playersuperjump [on/off]Allows you to jump higher than usual when enabled.
Playerinstantbookbuild [on/off]Allows you to instantly build anything when selected in the build book.
Playersetplayerrace [number]Changes the skin colour of the player character.
Playergotocoords [X number] [Z number] [Y number]Spawn at the set coordinates.

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