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Sons of the Forest: How to build Stairs?

Sons of the Forest comes with a different building system than The Forest. it was one of the hardest things that I had  to figure out initially. It’s how to make stairs. Building a stair is a little bit different than building walls and floors. So in this guide, we will talk about how to make stairs.

How to Build Stairs?

In the Sons of the Forest, you will have a handbook that actually shows almost all of the building blue prints. You can access the guide book simply pressing “B” key on your keyboard.


Basically all you have to do is to have two logs. Of course, you will need a tiered platform, a little frame. You need to place 2 logs to support the stair steps. You’re going to see the arrow pointing down from the edge of the beams. you will need to click right there. Half blocks are needed for making stair steps.

And you’re gonna see initially it looks like this. you’re like oh look it’s a ramp and you see how that arrow is pointing at  a very even angle. All you have to do is simply right click and it goes to stairs. that’s it. 

This is simple, just right click when you see the white lines. that’s all it takes and you’re good to go. So now we’re going  to go ahead and get assistance Kelvin bring some logs. 


Sometimes the aiming can be a little off. So you just got to kind of like finagle yourself when pointing for building. there we go come on there. You can come up to the top and you can walk around. Stairs are very useful in case of enemy horde attacks. You can just go up and gain some time to get prepared.


Building a single step stair

If you decided to build a base on the ground without any beams and base structure, you might get stuck entering your base without a single stair.

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