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Farming Simulator 22: Best Crops and Fruits to Plant (FS22)

FS 22 corn and sunflower guide

Farming Simulator 22 has seen a bigger improvement over Farming Simulator 19, both in terms of graphics and gameplay.

There are many similarities between these two games, but a few important changes, such as seasonal growth, were added to the series in FS 22. However, some new grains and fruits are also available in FS 22. In this guide, we’ve listed the crops and fruits that make the most money. Please note that the prices can change with new updates.

Average Prices And Best Month to Sell List in FS 22


In Farming Simulator 22, you’ll have more options than ever for the best crops. You may want to choose the best among more than 15 main products. Sowing and harvesting times have changed in FS 22 with the addition of the very popular Seasons mode as an optional feature.

As for the best crops in Farming Simulator 22, it really depends on what you plan to do on your farm. If you plan to raise animals, you must plant the crops they eat. If you want to buy grain mill and bakery production buildings for flour and bread, it would make more sense to plant wheat and barley.

We’ve researched the best crops for you to maximize your profits in FS 22: There is a list of the best crops you can currently grow on your farm below.

Best Crops in Farming Simulator 22


Cotton is one of the best crops to grow for big money production since you can turn it into fabric and then clothing. Clothing is one of the highest-selling products in Farming Simulator 22, topping out at a peak price of $20,000 per full pallet.

Grow cotton in your biggest fields to maximize profitability. You may need to rent harvesting equipment for the first season; it’s some of the most expensive in the game. The machinery needed for cotton is also expensive so you may want to lease the tools at the beginning of your game.



Oat is another profitable crop, as it has good yield and the best ratio of crop-to-flour production. It can be used as animal feed for horses and pigs, too. Oat also produces straw as a secondary harvest for animal bedding and manure production. It can also be sold for supplemental income, making it one of the best crops right now.



Much like in Farming Simulator 19, soybeans are a moderate-yield, high-value crop. Presently, soybeans don’t have any use in production chains, but they can be used as feed for pigs. They also have one of the highest crop sales prices in the game, putting it on this list of best crops.


Canola is the last grain crop on this best crops list, but it is not the least important. It has a good yield and commands a decent price. However, it is also a production chain crop in the form of becoming canola oil at the oil mill.


Yes, the humble grass makes the list for best crops, and honestly, it isn’t that far behind cotton in terms of overall value. It can be used as feed and fuel, and it is the fastest-growing crop in the game with the longest time for growth and harvest.

And those are some of the best crops in Farming Simulator 22. In the end, your choice of crop really comes down to your needs and your playstyle. This is by no means a definitive list as we have no idea what is in store for future DLC, and we may change this guide as time goes on.

What Crops The Best to Make Money in FS22? (Video)

Best Prices For Crops (Easy – Normal – Hard Mod Average Prices)


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