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7 Best and Most Popular Mods in Arma Reforger

Almost 10 years after Arma 3 was released, Bohemia Interactive has finally released a new military simulation which is Arma Reforger and not the long-awaited Arma 4, at the risk of disappointing the fans of the Arma series. The Czech game studio launched Arma Reforger in early access on May 17th. Does this “in-between” have what it takes to keep us waiting until Arma 4 is released? The answer is in the hands of the modding community. So we have collected best mods in Arma Reforger so far and made a list. We are going to update the list, if we see a mod worth adding to our list is released. Let’s get to our list now.

1. Attachment compatibility


The versatility and precision of Arma games are the actual reasons why players love these games. So this mod allows players to have the precision to add any attachment to any weapon. Many weapons in the game do not have any available attachment function yet.

2. Where Am I


This mod might sound silly for some but It is actually a small but very necessarily needed mod in Arma Reforger. This is because Arma Reforger does not give you a functional GPS map, instead you will have a paper roll map to find your way out calculating grids. If you don’t have any experience with military grade map system then consider downloading this mod comrade.

3. Better Tracers


Tracers have been a great part of the Arma series always. It is a nice visual to see where your bullets go and land. In Arma Reforger, the tracers effect may be a bit pale caompared to Arma 3. So this mod will help to improve the graphics of tracers.

4. BloodLust 2

bloodlust-arma-reforger-mod-min (1)

Many of Arma 3 players are already familiar with this mod. BloodLust 2 adds some bleed effect to ragdolls and corpses. The base game lacks some features like blood gore and environmental destruction but thanks to modders, we can add many features ahead of base updates.

5. Zombies


After the great success of zombie mods in Arma 2 and Arma 3, players of Arma series will always appreciate zombie mods in Arma Reforger. The zombie mod in Arma Reforger, however, not completely ready but still can give you lots of fun.

6. King of the Hill AI (KOTH)


If you are an Arma 3 player, you should definitely had already played this mod before. This is the most iconic mod for Arma. The KOTH mod for Arma Reforger can be found and downloaded on Workshop of the game. It includes several features such as:

  • Multiple hills to capture
  • Customizable capture time
  • Score tracking
  • AI-controlled enemy teams

7. Project Redline MD500 Helicopter


The MD500 helicopter pack mod is one of the most popular and most downloaded mod in Reforger recently. It contains multiple skins, several different variation of MD500 copper. The aircraft has been armed with rockets and a minigun which can also be controlled. The AI soldiers can also be used on this mod.  


Arma Reforger is a new game and caries the burden of being an early alpha with a new, heavy game engine Enfusion Engine. So it is no secret the game still lacks lots of features we have seen in Arma 3 and DayZ. However, the developers in Bovemia Interactive have given modders so many great tools that they actually have used to create this Arma game. The Workbench allows mod creators to use and make new mods with a world editor, animation editors, behaviour editors etc.

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