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Enfusion Engine: The Game Engine that will Power Arma 4

The largest Czech game studio, Bohemia Interactive, officially presented for the first time their new game engine, Enfusion. It will form the studio’s core technology for future games.

In addition to enhancing their games with a modern audiovisual look, the Enfusion engine will enable multiplatform use, improved user-friendliness for players, and superior support for mod creators.

Bohemia Interactive released their first a military sim game “Arma Reforger”  which is the first game to completely built on Enfusion Engine. Their pervious survival game DayZ is also built on some core mechanics of Enfusion Engine but still has Arma 2 engine as well.

Enfusion Engine – Powering the future of Bohemia’s games

B.I official youtube channel published a trailer about Enfusion Engine. 

“While you’re waiting for the next big thing from our developers, take a look at the future of our technology – the Enfusion Engine!”

The Development and History of the Enfusion Engine

The new Enfusion engine has been under development at Bohemia Interactive’s offices in Prague, Brno, and Mníšek pod Brdy for 4 years, despite it being conceived back in 2014. Currently, there is a team of 30 developers involved in its development, for what is the company’s flagship project in terms of investment and human resources.

Marek Španěl, founder and CEO of Bohemia Interactive, comments “we founded Bohemia Interactive  22 years ago, we’ve always chosen to use our own in-house engine. No other engine available on the market allowed us to create the kind of games we wanted, i.e. simulations with detailed physics operating in massive-scale open worlds that players and communities can easily customize. Nothing has changed about that. However, our aging Real Virtuality engine, used in our Arma 3 title, for example, has increasingly run up against its technological limits. Enfusion, on the other hand, is ready to face the technological challenges of the future and will without exaggeration form the shape of our games into the next decade.”enfusion-engine-2-min

The Development and History of the Enfusion Engine

Flexible, scalable, fully multi‑platform

While Enfusion excels at building large, open world games, it’s meant to serve as a universal engine. That’s why it can support any type of game across all major platforms.

Looks good, runs better

Enfusion uses up-to-date rendering tech and multi-threading wherever possible. The new Enforce Script is faster, more capable, and much better at memory utilization.

All the tools, for all creators

Materials, textures, animation, sound, UI, localization – Enfusion’s tools cover the full creative spectrum of modding and game development.

Built for online

Everything in Enfusion is made for today’s online game worlds. The toolset includes access to backend online services and is built around a rich client-server architecture.


Multiplatform and use of modern technologies

The Enfusion engine is cross-platform, enabling simultaneous development of games for PCXbox, and PlayStation. PC and Xbox gamers will enjoy full DirectX 12 support. The core of the engine is the C++ programming language with a scripting language called Enforce (an OOP scripting language that gamers may have already encountered, for example in DayZ). Shaders written in HLSL are used for rendering.

The audio-visual design of games developed on the new engine will therefore be future-proof. Optimizing the resource utilization of modern processors and graphics cards enables smooth operation and stable rendering frequencies even in demanding simulations. The developers have also devoted their efforts to a substantial improvement of the network code, introducing lower latency, smoother player movement, better hit registration, promising an overall better multiplayer experience.

Enfusion Workbench – Complete developer stack

One of the main advantages of the Enfusion engine is its simple and user-friendly design. Thanks to the Enfusion Workbench toolkit, they will be able to easily modify the attributes of the game or mod under development. Enthusiastic community content creators will get their hands on the same professional tools used by developers at Bohemia Interactive.

Enfusion Workbench modules:

  • World Editor: this is where our virtual worlds are created.

  • Particle Editor: for visual effects.

  • Animation Editor: for configuring character and object animations.

  • Script Editor: for writing and debugging scripts in the Enforce language.

  • Audio Editor: for audio effects and music.

  • Behavior Editor: for defining the behavior of game-controlled characters (AI).

  • Procedural Animation Editor: for simpler, game-driven animations.

  • String Editor: for language localization.

  • Layout Editor: for creating game user interface

  • and others.

The workbench is also closely connected to the backend systems of Bohemia Interactive, including its own workshop. Thanks to this, it serves as a robust tool not only for development but also for the composition and distribution of mods for all games that run on the Enfusion engine.

Future and public release date

The development of the Enfusion engine is evergoing, it remains a top priority for the company. Nonetheless, the engine itself with its developer tools and user documentation will be released to the public soon, along with the first official playable demonstration of its features. Bohemia Interactive is not considering licensing the Enfusion engine to developers to create their own games at the moment.

For more information please visit: www.enfusionengine.com

About Bohemia Interactive

Is the largest game studio in the Czech Republic, founded in 1999. Its portfolio consists of the ARMA series of military simulations for PC, the groundbreaking online survival game DayZ for PC and consoles, the creative platform Ylands for PC and mobile devices, and the free-to-play action survival game Vigor for Xbox One, PlayStation, and Nintendo Switch, as well as the titles Shade: Wrath of Angels, Carrier Command: Gaea Mission and the red planet conquest simulator Take on Mars.

Bohemia Interactive prides itself on close and long-term collaboration with the community, creating games and platforms with longevity and developer support, but most importantly on finding innovative solutions when developing and releasing new titles. Bohemia Interactive is a member of the Association of Czech Game Developers and contributes through its own activities to the progress and improvement of conditions for game development in the Czech Republic.


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Image Credit: Bohemia Interactive

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