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Elden Ring 1.04 Patch: Highlights, Nerfs and Rising Builds

A patch is now available for Elden Ring, and this one does not do things by halves! Composed mainly of balances, it will undoubtedly allow several new builds to exist. 

We take a look at the contents of this update and what it will change in our Elden Ring guide.

And a patch for Elden Ring , one! While the speedrunning community continues to optimize its runs, From Software on its side does not forget the players. That’s why a big patch is now available on the game, and this one improves a lot of weapons and incantations / sorceries. So consider going to farm your runes, and let’s see what has changed together.

Updated by Tridash on April 19, 2022 at 4:30:05 PM
Note that the hidden Cerulean Tear has received a change, and is now shortened. This is an unintended change that will be patched very soon

Update Note

Many Improvements and Bug fixes

This 1.04 patch mainly focuses on weapon and spell improvements . A real boon for those who played with Force builds and Colossal Weapons , the latter gain speed and the animation after a hit is shortened, so the next one can arrive faster. But they also gain in damage when carried with 2 hands as well as an improvement in their guard.

The other big piece of this patch is the improvement of a lot of incantations and sorceries , but also weapon incantations. Most end up with an increase in damage, casting speed but also a decrease in cost. Many bug fixes are also done in this update. And here we have a very interesting patch that will undoubtedly bring some spells up to date.

They removed many shortcuts and tricks from the game entirely.

They fixed Ordina skip by just straight up removing the mountain

Many Shortcuts are no longer exist

Sorry speedrunners , but obviously one of the time-saving skips no longer exists. To see if the other methods are still possible. It could also be that Malenia, your favorite boss, is a little harder in this patch. According to a video on Reddit, she would now heal herself even without touching you. Finally, the end boss (we avoid spoiling you) would be simplified in particular because it would remain in place from now on…

This patch will be great for those who used to play, or want to become Berserks . Indeed, the Force builds that worked mainly on the jump attack, will now be able to work in a much more organic way. It’s up to you to decimate your opponents with the colossal sword.

  • Also, some fixes like the Vyke invasion fix has been made.
  • We also invite you to go see Patches , who now has new steps in his “quest”.
  • You can also deactivate the camera’s auto tracking, which is a good thing, especially when you are being chased.

We are curious to see if any unreferenced changes are included in this update! Here is the complete patch notes shared in our forum by members.

One of the shortcuts to get Somber Smithing Stone 7 in early game will not work after this 1.04 patch.

We have shared this trick in our YouTube channel but Players can not jump to an edge of wall to reach the upgrade item with this trick anymore…

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