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Elden Ring: 15 tips You Should Know Before You Start

Elden Ring Beginner's Guide

Like all From Software games, Elden Ring is demanding, and even if the title suggests that it is more accessible than its early game counterparts, this is not necessarily the case, although more comfort is offered. Since the game should be the first experience of its kind for a lot of players, it is important to know how to start this kind of game well, to find your bearings more easily in the game.

That’s why here we give you some tips to follow at the start of the game in Elden Ring , so as not to miss the important mechanics of the game or the little tricks that make life easier when starting the adventure. This guide is therefore primarily intended for those who have never played a Souls -like games.

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1- Your starting class is not final

At the start of the game, you will have to choose a class for your character, which will determine its starting statistics. You should know that this class is in no way definitive, and only guides your start to the game. You will then be free to allocate your skill points as you wish , and go on exotic builds if you feel like it.

For more, be sure to check out our guide on the best classes to choose in Elden Ring for the early game.


2- One Keepsake is more useful than the others

During your character creation, in addition to the class to choose, you will also have to choose a legacy. This is an item that’s supposed to give you a little boost in the early game, but not all legacies are created equal.

Some are useless, while others can give penalties. You can check out our full guide to legacies in Elden Ring for more, but spoiler, it’s the Golden Seed that will serve you the most here if you’re just starting out .


3- Don’t miss the tutorial

Elden Ring lets you choose between following the tutorial or skipping it completely. Whether you are already seasoned or not, we can only advise you to do it anyway .

First of all, it’s essential for beginners, quite simply to learn the mechanics, and casually, even for the regulars, a reminder doesn’t hurt, especially since we can recover a few souls at the passage.

The tutorial requires you to drop further into the starting cave, after your first death. You will see a specter sitting on a chair near where you can start the tutorial.

4- Quickly buy the crafting kit

Once in the large open world, head to the Church of Elleh to meet Kale, a merchant who will sell you lots of useful items to get you started .

Among them is the crafting kit, which will allow you to craft your own items yourself, and not depend on merchants. You can improve this kit by earning additional “recipes” through the collection of manufacturing manuals (Kale just sells two of them).

5- Remember to collect everything

In the large open world of Elden Ring , you will often, very often find materials to harvest from the bushes or on the ground. Even if these are not useful to you, take them anyway.

They will be used to make items that are sometimes very useful at the start of the game, but even if you don’t feel the need for them, you can always sell them to a merchant in order to round up your balance, it helps at the start of the game.


6- Kill wild animals

Along the same lines as the previous advice, consider regularly killing wild animals on your way, such as goats and boars, in order to collect bones .

Admittedly, it’s cruel because these animals won’t bother you, but these bones will be used to craft arrows, which is essential for certain character archetypes.

7- Find a way to attack enemies from a distance

If you now have arrows, you will also need a bow or crossbow. You can find one quickly at the start of the game by buying it from Kale , unless you have one thanks to your starting class. You can also attack from a distance by collecting knives and other throwables that you can craft yourself.

Even if you don’t specialize in ranged attacks, it will still be useful for separating groups of enemies. The AI ​​being not very clever, you can easily shoot an opponent to get him out of his group, and be entitled to a slightly simpler duel.


8- Summon Spirits to help you Fight

In Elden Ring , you can collect Ashes that contain the spirits of various fighters or creatures , whether it’s wolves, an old wizard, or even a flying jellyfish.

These spirits can be summoned when entering an area designated for multiplayer. If you don’t have internet access, or simply don’t want to play with someone else, these spirits will be invaluable companions. Whether against bosses or in specific dungeons, they will primarily serve as a decoy to allow you to attack more quietly.


9- Unlock Map parts quickly

The world of Elden Ring is very large, and to get your bearings better, you will need to piece together the game map by collecting various fragments.

These cards are placed at the foot of stone stelae, easily identifiable even when the card is grayed out, since they are still indicated by an icon, which will be the only icon on the card before retrieving the corresponding piece of card . So remember to go for these bits of maps directly by entering a new area to get a better overview of the places.


10- Talk to the NPCs several times, and note their indications

When you meet an NPC, he will not necessarily tell you everything he has to tell you on your first interaction. You then have to talk to him several times in a row until he repeats his dialogue over and over to be sure you have heard everything.

Some will sometimes give you items after a chat, or even quest hints, which can be cryptic. Since there is no logbook in Elden Ring , remember to create your own by noting the location of certain NPCs and making a small memo in case the NPC mentions an object, a place or another character . This could very well be a side quest, without you knowing it.


11- Use your horse to fight

As you explore the world of Elden Ring , you can summon Torrent, your trusty steed, in the large open areas . In addition to accelerating your progress, this mount will also be a real weapon to face enemies .

We naturally think of the other enemies on horseback, but also of the groups of enemies who walk on foot. Instead of being surrounded by them while on foot, call your mount and fight them that way. It will obviously be necessary to take care of the life of your mount, while being well aware that it will not protect you from all the damage, but it can be useful to avoid certain attacks and to prevent you from being overwhelmed.


12- Sneak is your best weapon

In Elden Ring , it is also possible to sneak anywhere by crouching in order to surprise enemies behind their backs. A mechanic that is very effective and very useful for most enemies, in order to inflict as much damage as possible in a single attack. So don’t be brave, be discreet.


13-Some statues indicate the location of dungeons

While exploring, you may come across strange statues of bent humanoid creatures , which can be examined by approaching them.

Once done, a beam of light will show you where a hidden dungeon is . Generally, these statues look straight in the direction of these dungeons. All you have to do is follow the beam to find it.

14-Scrolls and spells: Find Sellen the Witch

At the start of the game, if you wish to practice magic, you will have few options available to you, even as an Astrologer. If you want to unlock new spells quickly, whether you specialize in magic or not (some spells may require Intelligence), it is advisable to quickly find an NPC by the name of Sellen .

She can be found in the cellar of the Relay in Ruins , in the first area of ​​the game. The place is guarded by a boss named Demented Pumpkin Head , who is relatively easy to defeat, especially accompanied by spirits.

Once defeated, you can open the chamber of Sellen the Witch, who will teach you magic regardless of your level, with spells available for purchase.

15- If you encounter a hard boss, explore other paths

Make no mistake about it: Despite the accessibility boosts that Elden Ring can give at the beginning of the adventure, the bosses will defeat you as quickly as before .

But unlike other Souls which were entitled to a more linear progression, here you can explore a whole bunch of other paths and farm so that your character becomes a little stronger. That doesn’t mean you’ll come back against the boss that gave you trouble with one hand behind your back, but you’ll have a few more weapons to fight more effectively.

Hoping that these tips will help you get off to a good start, do not hesitate to consult  our complete guide  to learn more about the game.

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