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Elden Ring: A Brief Overview Before You Start

Elden Ring is the game I’ve been waiting for with excitement. I have compiled some tips that will be useful for you before you start The Elden Ring. 

Since I’m the type to get angry quickly, I don’t prefer to play games that break my arms. During adolescence, there are quite a number of moments when my mom glances through the door of the room and says stop cursing. If we consider that the games we called difficult in the last years, compared to the ridiculously difficult games that killed nerve cells of us in the 90s, you can guess why strange sounds in the form of mdmk are constantly coming from the teenagers’ room.

For this reason, I tried to stay away from souls type games that I am sure will cause me cancer, until I couldn’t find a game to play on PS4 and until I said “Let me play that Bloodborn for once”. Bloodborne, which I suffered while playing, had sinister fits and stopped because I didn’t play for about 3 times, bro, that’s enough, then started again.

After the bloodborne vaccine, which increases my resistance to souls type games and strengthens my immune system, I finished sekiro shadow die twice with a big pleasure. now there is a kind of hand ring on the horizon. Although my excitement increased shortly before the game’s release what kind of thing are we going to meet again..

There was a slight uneasiness in the form of wonder. This article or a whatever you call this, which is made for you to enter the game in a more ready way, without spoilers, without details that will spoil the excitement, will be like a medicine to you.

Sorry if the title says this will be a “brief overview” but this might be a very very long story that I have to tell you… and Do not forget that everything written here was put together before Elden Ring Game release. So somethings might be inaccurate…

Elden Ring Story

First of all, we need to talk a little bit about Elden Ring story, what this universe is and what it is not, but we may have some information about Elden Ring lore, because we don’t have much information about the universe and the story of the game. I mean, actually, I don’t think we’ll have a lot of knowledge when we finish the game, anyway. According to the story that the narrator told us in the trailer, the events in the ring world developed as follows.

Exactly a thousand years ago, on a foggy winter night, the rune of death was stolen. An unknown horde of assassins had invaded the lands between and the Demigods. The demigods, began to fall one by one.

The simultaneous attack of the assassins had destroyed many demigods, but no loss had shaken the eternal queen Marika more than the death of Godwyn the Golden, she was the first to be killed. Queen Marika was on the verge of death. After all this, something else happened that would lead to destruction and darkness. The ring had somehow been shattered, and the order of the world was thus disrupted. but who did this? and why? Chaos and war broke out after the ring broke apart. a bloody and endless war in which relatives fight each other.

The conflict tore apart a vast and prosperous empire into fragile pieces. Even if the demigods of the shattered realms were fed by the great runes, they were not successful enough to achieve victory.

The remnants of the demigods, the conqueror of the stars, General Radahn and Malenia the Severd were engaged in a fierce battle. General Radah’s unsuccessful war against the divided lands of Malenia showed that neither strength nor skill alone would be sufficient to take control of all the lands the Ebdei Queen Marika had once united. The open war had ended, leaving the lands bettwe in a stalemate…

Who will end this impasse? Who will wear the golden crown or is it us, the tarnished heroes…will a new hand rise lord and reunite the lands once ruled by the eternal queen marika? Or will the eldrn lord be a brada? Yes, our bradals are in the ring world, as far as we know, things have developed like this, from this point on, we step in. We don’t know whether we will wear the golden crown, return lands between to its prosperous days or find the rightful heir of the crown, we will see the rest in the game.


Apart from the main story characters of Elden Ring, there are tens of interesting non-player characters that we will meet during the game, and we can find some of these characters in the roundtable hold, which is our main gathering place, a kind of shelter.

The roundtable hold is located outside of space and time, not on the world map, we can only fast travel here. this is the meeting place for tainted champions like us, guided by grace. here you meet non-player characters like Corhyn, Diallos, Roderika, the mysterious undead hunter Dhewg the blacksmith who is a good blacksmith, who give you some quests and items to interact with or tell interesting stories about the game world. Some of the characters that have an important place in the story are as follows:

  • Eternal Queen: Eternal Queen Marika is the ruler of Lends Bitviin. his children are demigods, or demigods, and bearers of the great rune, the great rune.
  • Godfrey: godfrey was lord first hand and married the eternal queen marika . However, he was later exiled from the lands bettween, the lands in between, and he too became dark, deprived of the erdtree’s grace.
  • Godrick the demigod of stromveil, one of the 6 shattered regions of the grafted elden ring, godrick is a demigod in elden ring and resides in stormveil castle.
  • Godwyn the golden: godwyn was a demigod and was the first to fall after the rune of death was stolen. many had died but especially the death of gadwib really devastated the eternal queen marika.
  • Malenia the severed: malenia was a demigod and one of the survivors of the great war. he and general radahn’s fierce battle did not win. If the loser was the people of the lands betwen, so geography is destiny.
  • General Radahn: General Radahn was a demigod, and neither side won in his fierce battle with Malenia. Something tells me that General Radahn is going to be in big trouble in the game.
  • Melenia, She is a mysterious young woman who proposes an alliance with the Blacks, aka us, to help them on their journey.

Elden Ring Universe world map

It has a huge open world where we can get lost in the ring. No sir, we are not talking about a size that is 45 times the size of gta 5’s map and ¾ times the cyvberpunk 2077 map.

We’re talking about a more layered map structure, as soul players are familiar with. It is a very rich map, open to exploration, not linear, with a mystery in every corner where we are constantly caught in alternative routes.

Our map called the lands between is adorned with large and small dungeons. In lands between, which consists of 6 main parts, there are also dungeons like hell where you will test your patience and reflexes with mini bosses that will challenge the player from software called legacy dungeons.

The lands beetween from software is the biggest map ever made. It’s a very complex structure mixed with huge ancient dungeons, mini caves, coves and catacombs… a huge braid connected by shortcuts.

In Elden Ring, there is a whole world not only above ground but also underground. I’m not talking about giant dungeons. Quite a lot of the lands hidden under the beetween is another universe to explore. The gameinformer editor, who played a part of the game before it was released, states that there is another sky in this underground world, and thanks to a light beam similar to the northern lights in this sky, the surroundings can be seen without using a torch.

If you survive long enough in this underground city where rivers flow and aggressive spirits roam among the ruins, you will come across a big city called the eternal city.

In fact, it is estimated that a tower called the divine tower of limgrave, whose door is tightly closed in another part of the map, can take us above the sky on the main map of the game, and that there is a new area that is quite wide and open to explore, both above and below ground. lands beetweein, that is, if we can go under the lands in between, we may be able to climb over it. In other words, the map of the ring is much bigger than it seems.

Of course, all these details are not included in our in-game map, which we can access from the game menu. As long as we are not at war in the game, we can open it and look at our map. However, don’t expect such a detailed map presentation.

At first, you need to find large monumental stones called map steles to further refine our map, where we only see roads and land borders. You can distinguish these memorial stones from the shining gilded writings on them. When you find and loot map steles, you get a map piece that shows that region in more detail. Thanks to these map pieces, you can now see the region you are in in more detail. When you pick up the map piece, the smoke screen for your location on the map is lifted and the topography of that region, its forests, its cliffs, its rivers, its oceans are revealed with a stylistic presentation. map steles are usually located in large enemy camps on the way to that region’s legendary dungeons.

For example, you can find this piece of map showing west of limgrawe on the map stele at the enemy camp called the gatefront ruins, just south of the storm gate to the stormveil castle. But beware, this camp is guarded by guards and godrick soldiers ready to raise the alarm at any moment.

How to ride a horse

As we can explore the lands beetwern on foot, it is also possible to travel all over the world on the back of our magical spiritual horse torrent. We can summon the horse with a spectral steed whistle.

Fighting on horseback is not easy, but it is much easier to defeat some bosses by fighting on horseback than by fighting on foot. What if the most exciting element of the game does not sound like the map itself? I made this sentence for cyberpunk 2077 last… things didn’t go well for cyberpunk 2077, but I don’t think I’ll be wrong in the ring.

Just exploring secret passages and relying on your navigational ability is enjoyable on its own. I guess that’s what souls games are all about. to make the player feel smarter than they are, stronger than when they cut a tough boss. I didn’t know anyway, we continue

Elden Ring Day Night cycle and weather

Not only is it a first for from software in terms of ring map size, it’s also the first from software game to feature a ring active day and night cycle from hand to hand.

The day and night cycle does not only affect the atmosphere from hand to ring. In the detailed world of the ring, you encounter magnificent views at all times of the day. The night is different, the day is different, the afternoon is beautiful. But it’s not just about beauty. We didn’t come here to watch the scenery.

In the game, we can encounter different enemies and different events depending on the time of day and weather conditions. In some areas you can see that the enemies are more fierce at night. Or there are places where the same enemy looks different during the day than at night. which is probably the items that drop when you cut it during the day, and the item that drops when you cut it at night will also be different…

you can also use the day and night cycle strategically. For example, it doesn’t make much sense to attack a caravan protected by a large number of heavily armored soldiers during the day. attacking at night when the soldiers are more careless will allow you to eliminate the enemies with less difficulty.

You can quietly take down these sentries by crouching down among the reeds and even shooting a sleep arrow. not only the day and night cycle, but also the changing weather conditions affect the gameplay.

For example, you will find that it is much easier to sneak up on enemies when it rains at night. Progress in stealth is an important mechanic of the ring of hand. Did it make it hard for you to enter a place full of guards during the day, wait for the night to come, and then it rained, you can sneak up like a ninja and at least melt the crowd a little.

We don’t know yet, but there are probably quests that only need to be done at night, or areas that are just for everyone’s benefit to enter during the daytime. We discover this detail on the note paper attached to the back of the wet slipper that we will find in a toilet.

Elden Ring Classes and Builds

Elden Ring starts out similarly to other souls games. When you start the game, you choose a class and starting item. Although the hand ring classes have very interesting names, they have the templates we are used to from previous games.

Remember that the classes you choose at the beginning, your starting armor, your starting stats, and your ability do not lock you into a certain playing style in the later part of the game. Hundreds of different abilities, items and weapons that you will have throughout the game will leave you quite free to create your own mixed play style.

so starter classes don’t force you into any gameplay type, remember that. be raad. There are 10 classes in the Elden ring. It would be more accurate to call them the templates we use when starting the game, not actually the class. because we will determine our playing style as we progress in the game. Elsen ring’s starting classes are as follows; You start the game with ready-made sets by choosing one of the prisoner, samurai, prophet, astrologer, bandit, hero, warrior, veciband, retch and confessor classes or templates. e.g

Vegiband is a wandering knight who has been exiled from their homeland. He is in a solid, heavily armored structure. The first choice of those who want to start the game with a character that fits my code will be vegiband.

Hero, on the other hand, is a descendant of a chief in the wasteland, is a fearless hero with his skillfully wielding battle ax, is lightly armored and moves faster than Vegiband. Those who like melee can start the game with hero or samurai.

A character we fall in love with from the warrior soulsborne series is the military veterean in demons souls’ soldier bloodborbne in rnig. A class preferred by close combat lovers. He is a nomadic warrior who fights using two blades at the same time. origin of extraordinary technique.

The prisoner is a prisoner sentenced with an iron mask. lived among the elite before being sentenced, trained as a glowing stone sorcerer.

Apart from these beginner classes, samurai, pyraphyte astrologer bendit and confessor classes are also included in the game. Confesor and profit will be the choice of players who can use more spells because the level of faith is quite high in both classes… each starting template comes with various spells, gear and starting ashes with abilities depending on your equipment. You will be able to strictly adhere to these templates, and you will also have the chance to switch to a different style on your journey.

Elden Ring Weapon abilities ashes of war

these ashes are abilities called ashes of war. It works similarly to weapon arts in dark souls 3. these are various special abilities attached to your weapon. especially the ashes of war, where we make a solid hit with our ever-growing sword, looks very useful.

We can find and use a million such ashes of war from bosses or loot if you’re lucky. these battle ashes contain many special abilities such as continuous melee attacks, very useful area effect explosions, etc. Most of these ashes in the hand ring are modular. and it can be applied to various weapons, so if you find a skill you like, you can replace it with another item.

Of course, we cannot use every ashes of war feature on every weapon. Our weapon must have the desired skill slot. For each weapon, such as swords, daggers or shields, there are also abilities specific to that weapon.

In fact, these abilities offer you a wide range to create the way you play that suits your taste. You can make a sword with high strengt stats and turn it into a sword with high dexterity or magic stats. In Elden Ring, you have more chance to customize your weapons and abilities and create your own build more freely than in other from software games.

Elden Ring Crafting System

You can improve your weapon at a blacksmith in the ring and buy valuable items such as craft books and Ouija items from these blacksmiths.

You can produce new items by combining the consumables you can find on the game map in accordance with the recipes in the craft books. Resources are scattered all over the map. craft books are useful for crafting items and are a great convenience.

Don’t forget to collect lots of resources and buy your first craft book when you first start the game. You can get your first craft book from the blacksmith near the church in limgrave right at the beginning of the game. As you progress through the game, you’ll find new crafting books and start discovering new recipes.

In the beginning, we can improve our weapon very little, as our character lacks master smithing skills. however, further development will be possible when we find another blacksmith in the future:

Elden Ring How to fast travel?

While exploring the lands between, you need to activate the sites of grace points, which act as bonefire, to relax, unwind, take a breather, continue the adventure from where we left off, and level up. in other words, bonfire is known as sites of graves in the ring from hand.

When we open the game map, we can see all the sites of graves we have activated and we can fast travel between the points we want. But remember, there are moments and places in the game where we can’t fast travel.

For example, in a dungeon you entered, things did not go well. bosses mini-bosses hit your mouth in the mouth.

To escape by saying that’s enough, you thought of fast travel, uh, you can’t. It’s forbidden to fast travel when you’re in a dungeon and during the boss fight. The points where we cannot fast travel appear with a red line on the game map.

Don’t be afraid because we are stuck in this dungeon. Fortunately, we can return to the sites of grace where we last rested, using an item called vision of grace. Now we can breathe a little.

You will see a light floating in the air in the fields of grace, this light will give you a clue as to where you might want to go next. If you want to follow the main story follow this light.

Just like a light of grace, brada is not guiding you with this video, so subscribe and join.

Elden Ring Summoning Spirits – Conjuration

At the beginning of the game, you will meet one of the important characters of the game in a church where we took shelter by escaping from the tough bosses outside..

Snow witch. This mysterious woman in ice blue, with four arms and two faces, appeared as a storyteller in the latest story trailer. In the game, he is the one who gives us our first summon spirits, that is, the ability to summon spirits.

After meeting the snow witch, we now gain the ability to summon spirits of many different sizes and shapes. We can summon many different types of spirits, such as wolves, wizards, skeletons, and poisonous jellyfish. So how do you summon a spirit?

In order to summon a spirit, you must first find the spirit callers ash of that spirit. Once you have it, you can use the ashes as an item to summon the chosen spirit in battle. summoned spirits usually consume from fp. spirits can only be summoned around certain rebirth monuments.

The ahan on the left of the screen also means that you can use ashes to summon a spirit in this vicinity. If you leave the border, the call ends, the soul goes where it came from. spirits can only be summoned once per encounter, so you cannot summon them after they die during a boss fight. Although the conjuring mechanic seems quite useful, it is not possible to move forward in the ring as if you are constantly summoning diablo.

You may have difficulty with the boss of nihat Doğan, who says that your soul kneels in front of my soul and asks for repentance. You need to summon the erlikk spirit to destroy it.


Checkpoint in Elden Ring ? What are stakes of Marika?

Since from software wants to keep the element of exploration in the foreground a little more in the ring, we also encounter some new mechanics in the game that will make the player’s job easier. one of them is stakes of marika. Stakes of Marika, which we can call optional checkpoint point, acts as an additional checkpoints point for grace of sites, which acts as bonfire.

The stakes of marikas do not include the enhancement options available in bonfire. In other words, we cannot do things such as leveling, new spells and changing ahses of war in these checkpoints. these points serve mostly as a resting point.

I mean, you’ve traveled a long way from Bonfire, and you’ve progressed quite a bit in the place you’ve just discovered, but the only thing that I broke down in front of you came from your enemies and you died right there.

At such moments, if you have activated a stake of marika, you will not be reborn from the bonfire at the marriage of the tee midwife, and you will continue the adventure from the stakes of marika you have activated, and you will be able to quickly get back your lost runes.

Also, some stakes of marika are located right in front of the obvious fog wall, which indicates that there will be a boss fight ahead. We also get rid of the hassle of running to the place where the boss fight is, which is very annoying in souls games. You can respawn at these points the moment you die. and you quickly return to the boss fight.

Note that although stakes of marques are checkpoints, they are not permanent. whenever you activate a satex of marika, the previous one is disabled and the new one replaces the old one. You can activate stakes of marika as you wish.

In return, don’t take half of your life, sir, there is no such thing as 20 percent of your runes, luckily, at least for now.

hidetaka miyazaki states that they placed the stakes of marika points in a balanced way, because they do not want the player to play the game with the comfort of having a checkpoint anyway, and this new mechanic will not kill the fighting spirit. so we won’t be able to find it from these points every 10 meters.

Elden Ring Some extremely important tips

Erdtree: One of the most mysterious elements in Elden Ring universe out of hand. This sacred tree is an enormous bright tree found in lands between.

This otherworldly tree that draws its strength from ring in hand, before the ring shattered, bestowed upon the inhabitants of the land a golden aura that represents grace. Like erdtree himself, a darkened’s path leads to the branches of heaven and bends to the roots of the earth.

Of course, our knowledge about the universe of the game is limited, if we need to make a comment based on the information we obtained from official sources without going into too much speculation and making it up, we can say that erdtree is probably located in the center of the game’s world and its roots extend to every point of the ring map.

Erdtree’s roots and even leaves are among the critical items that you will use while developing our character.
Although we don’t know what it does yet, you can find my erdtree leaves on limgrave. or you see a small erdtree that looks like a small glowing sapling, you are lucky because from these glowing roots you get the eldtree seed. You will need these seeds to improve your bottles.

The more seeds you find, the more you develop your bottles, although you need only one seed to develop your bottles at the beginning, you will need more seeds per bottle later on. so keep an eye on the erdtree roots dotted across the map. but don’t overlook it. One more reason for you to explore the ring world by hand…

runes: runes (replaces souls from previous games) are obtained by defeating enemies or using items.

Runes are used to upgrade your character, buy items and strengthen weapons and armor.
grace of sites: these are our listening points. resting in a place of grace restores your health and stamina bar. all your holy bottles are reborn. You can advance the time, level up, and increase the number of holy bottles in Graves of Sites.

You can increase the effectiveness of the holy bottle. You can place the magic you learned in the memory slots to use in the game. The number of slots varies according to the level of your character. Here you can stack your items in the chest. let’s be good again.

You can find birdseye telescope birdsside, or bird’s eye telescopes, in various places on the game map. you can use them to see the distance like a bird and to see your destination better.
talisman pouch these are talisman slots. These slots work similar to ring slots from previous souls games. If you fill these slots with various talismans in the game, your resistance to fire, ice, poison, physical damage will increase. The more talisman pouches you find and mix, the more you will be able to resist different kinds of damage if you are equipped with talismans with different resistance properties. Ahan, when you defeat this guy, Margit the fell omen, you win a talisman pouch. talismans can be dropped from enemies and boss fights, or can be found in a chest or purchased from a merchant. Some of the most important and useful talismans in the game, namely talismans, are as follows;

Arsenal Charm: Increases maximum item carrying capacity.
crimson amber medallion: increases the amount of energy.
Viridian amber medallion: Increases stamina. The first thing to do when entering the game will be to buy these talismans and increase talisman slots.
If you want to customize your armor in the sewing kit game, you need to find a sewing kit.

When you find paintings with a beautiful landscape picture on the ring, I’m an adventurer. I spend my life on a horse. Don’t think about this painting. The paintings you find actually serve as treasure maps. If you have a good nose, if you are a good scout, if you have a high ability to observe, you will be rewarded when you find the place depicted in these tables on the game map. so you’ll probably be rewarded.
Similar to the function of the lockstones in stone sword key dark souls 2, there are stone sword keys that we will use to open the secret areas in the hand ring.

The game has a zibillion secret passages dungeons etc. that you can open with these stone sword keys.
what’s the deal with the pottery man?
Now we all know the pottery uncle who was the subject of memes even before the game came out, and gave the name pod boi.

The ad also appeared on the stage at the game awards ceremony of Adam Gef, causing some very heartbreaking moments. The pottery man’s real name is alexander the iron fist, and he’s not a jar, he’s a warrior. If you hit the casserole chief, which you can come across on the hills around Stromveil, and free him from the stuck place, you will get a very useful item from him in return.

The goodness of the vase master won’t end there, alexander will give you a little tip and tell you that you might want to take a look at the redmane castle in the east.

although the ring world isn’t exactly friendly, some non-player characters you meet can guide you to key spots you might miss. For example, you will meet an arrogant man named Kenneth Haight, who claims to be the future ruler of the Limgrave.

Kenneth promises that if you clear his castle that is overrun by enemies, he will smother you with a reward and hold a festival in your name. If you clear the castle, you will get an important item from a chest inside the castle.

So as you can see, there are events that we can call this kind of mini side mission in the ring world. We don’t know what happens next in this story. Of course, if you’re watching this video after the game starts, you know what’s going on right now. I’ll also get your likes, chief.


Elden Ring some advanced battle tricks

Long live jump attacks, we can now jump in a souls game. Yuppi not only jumps, but also jump attacks are madeailitor.(with r1 ver2 keys) . The jump attack can easily break the enemy’s stance, and you can also try to take down a mounted enemy.
While falling attack is falling, press [r1/rb] / [r2/rt] to attack enemies from above.

ladder attack While climbing or descending the ladder, press [r1/rb] to attack enemies above you and [r2/rt] to attack enemies below you.
Right after the guard counter has protected against an enemy attack, you can press the [r2/rt] button to launch a counterattack that can easily break the enemy’s stance.

two-sword attack While both hands are equipped with a weapon of the same category, you can perform a special attack by pressing the [l1/lb] button.
critical hit is an attack that deals massive damage to the enemy. Pressing [r1/rb] while behind an enemy or after fending off a downed enemy inflicts a critical hit. some enemies cannot be evaded and some enemies cannot be critically hit even if you are behind them.

If you want to use spells and spells, first of all, if you want to use spells in rishng, you must first equip a glinstone staff or sacrid sils, ie seal. If you start the game with the propet character, the clawmark seal will be your starting spell. Spells require focus point and faith.

You will need faith to cast holy spells, and you should pay attention to this when developing your character. If they enchant, it will consume fp. You can cut blue cerulean to replenish your depleted fp. or you can kill teardrop scarabs.

memory slots show how many spells you will memorize. In the game, there will be spells that damage the enemy, as well as healing features and support-based spells. After choosing the type of spell you want to use, you can use the r1 or l1 keys in whichever hand you hold the spell. I mean, it wasn’t very advanced, but what a quintet, maybe you won’t find it. When you start the game, you will say, how can I do magic?

bow and arrow

Elden ring has two types of long-range weapons, the regular bow and the crossbow… each has a specific type of arrow that can be used. If you want to aim precisely, press the L1 key to enter the aim mode. While in the precision aiming mode, press the down arrow key to zoom in and out. well, it’s like a clue, u ha, until you discovered it in the game for two hours, you learned it now, come on, you’re good again.

Damn Poisons

One of the most nasty aspects of souls games is the poisons that slowly lead you to death. If you are walking through a poisonous swamp or if you are suddenly confronted by an enemy spewing poison, you begin to hear your heart pounding. good news if you like this excitement! We will encounter a lot of poisonous swamps in the ring. And that’s because hidetak miyazaki loves the toxic swamp atmosphere.

Miyazaki chief says, “I think its atmosphere and visuals draw me in and suddenly I find myself designing a poisonous swamp.” and adds that in rinbg, players will also face scarlet rot, a completely new disease apart from poison and toxic effect.

God bless you for finding such fantastic evils that probably cause us to rot and slowly die, mizayaki president, it’s really great that you found new ways to kill us.

The main areas we’re going to get lost in and would you mind some lore?

The lands between, which is the name of the ring world, consists of 6 large and interconnected main regions.

The lands bewtween was named by the author of the game of thrones, george r r martin, and the universe of the game was created by martin pasha, who never published the last book of the game of thrones.

The inhabitants of the lands between are blessed by elden ring and erdtree. the blessed have a golden aura. this golden aura could be seen in the eyes of the blessed. In short, after a while, some of the blessed will lose their grace, lose their sanctity, be exiled, and will be described as tarnish over time.

For some unknown reason, the ring will be smashed from hand to hand, and the pieces and of course the 6 different corrupted might that the pieces carry will be captured by 6 demigods, which are scattered in six different regions of the lands beetween.

Miyazaki chief stated that the players do not limit these areas in what order they should go. so you are totally free to choose where you want to go. There is no ranking between regions. There is a main center in the middle of all these 6 regions, but you cannot reach the central hub, which connects these 6 regions, right at the beginning of the game.

One of the main hallmarks of elden ringi is dungeons. There are big dungeons called Legenderay Dungeans in every 6 regions. Forget all the dungeons you know, these are legendary dungeons. each with its own unique characteristics and dangers you must face. Apart from the main dungeons, there are also underground dungeons and castles where we can find hidden weapons and items to improve our abilities while exploring the lands betveen.
A rededit user created an integrated eldn ring map, ahan where the 6 main regions where erdtree is located in the center form a ring when they come together. It’s definitely a very interesting and creative design. Or is this the map itself???

Elden Ring gives you great freedom. A great frightening mysterious techniqueless freedom that you have never tasted before. yes blackened warrior now you are ready to enjoy freedom fear fear disappointment disappointment and victory… golden lands await you….

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Electric vehicles can help reduce carbon emissions, so if ferries that are larger and use more fuel are electrified, can they further reduce carbon...
Best 300 - 350 Watt Power Supply Units-min

4 Best 300 – 350 Watt Power Supply Units

The power supply provides electrical current to all of the computer components. The power supply unit must have sufficient power to supply the various...
Best 144Hz Curved gaming monitors

4 Best 144Hz Curved gaming monitors

Gaming monitors are one of the PC components that have been dramatically changed and improved in the recent years.  If the size of the tiles...

HDR: Definition, Advantages and Importance

HDR stands for "High Dynamic Range". The goal is to translate as well as possible, on a photo or a video, what the human...