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Lost Ark: Deadeye Class Detailed Guide and Skill Build

Deadeye is an advanced class for the male gunner found in Lost Ark. He is primarily a ranged class that uses multiple firearms as his main weapon.

Equipped with double handguns, a shotgun, and a rifle, the class is prepared for every possible scenario and is always primed to wipe out a group of enemies in seconds.

We always encourage players to test a class themselves before they start playing that class. At the end of the day, you wouldn’t want to spend your time with something you don’t have fun. You may also want to check our ultimate beginner guide and tips If you are new to this game.

You can check all classes in Lost Ark here.


Lost Ark: Deadeye Class Overview

deadeye-shotguns-char-lost ark

The Deadeye wield 3 weapons: the sniper rifle, shotgun, and pistols to deal damage from any distance, either very far from or near their targets.

Compared to GunslingersDeadeyes are more adept at handling the shotgun, allowing them to inflict twice the damage in melee range.

  • The Deadeye is an evolution of the Gunner Class
  • Deadeyes‘ attack damage scales with Dexterity
  • Deadeyes are the male counterpart of Gunslingers in that they essentially wield the same three weapons and they have similar weapon swapping mechanics. However, both classes differ in terms of their focus. Deadeyes are adept at using the shotgun such that they deal twice the damage at point-blank range.
  • Deadeyes have the ability to deal an amazing amount of sustained damage but they’re also one of the squishiest classes out there.
  • In PvP, you’re able to capitalize on high mobility to evade enemy attacks as well as super armors and great damage combos. In spite of this, you do have to be very careful given how vulnerable the class is. When you’ve mastered the Deadeye, you become a formidable opponent, especially in the melee range.
  • If you have great aim and would like to challenge yourself by managing three weapons, then the Deadeye should be for you.


Lost Ark: Deadeye Class Pros & Cons

Now that you’re up to speed with the basic information about the Deadeye class let’s take a look at the strengths and weaknesses of Deadeye.


  • The biggest strength of the Deadeye class is its high damage and mobility. This deadly combination will allow you to run laps around enemies on the battlefield and mow them down.
  • Another big strength of the class is the crit buffs it provides to the whole party. These crit buffs significantly increase the overall damage output of the party, making Deadeye a very useful class to have in your team.
  • And finally, another noteworthy strength of Deadeye is its versatility. Due to the three different weapons it has, you have quite some room for flexibility when it comes to your playstyle.


  • When it comes to weaknesses, the biggest one Deadeye has is that its attacks are mostly back-attacks. This means that having proper positioning is extremely important with this class.
  • Another weakness is its long-range performance. The Deadeye class cannot deal impressive damage from longer distances. You’ll need to always be up close to the enemy to deal any significant damage.
  • And the final weakness of the Deadeye class is its poor defense. Deadeyes are total glass cannons, so you’ll have a tough time using them against bosses.


Lost Ark: Deadeye Class Best PvE build

SkillSkill Level (/10)Rune IIIIII
AT02 Grenade4Weakness ExposureN/AN/A
Catastrophe10Quick AimConcussionEternal Calamity
Last Request10Quick PreparationExecutionVolley
Perfect Shot7Muscle SpasmPrecision ShotN/A
Shotgun Dominator10Close ShotWeak Point DetectionThe Ruler
Shotgun Rapid Fire10Close ShotEnhanced ShotSpecial Bullet
Sign of Apocalypse10Close ShotEnhanced ShotApproached Apocalypse
Somersault Shot7Ignore CollisionBurn EffectN/A
Spiral Flame4Fierce FlameN/AN/A
Spiral Tracker4Weakness ExposureN/AN/A


Lost Ark: Deadeye Class Best PvP build

Similar to a PvE Deadeye build, the name of the game in PvP will always be damage, but it’s key you are equipped with an extra level of mobility to avoid dangerous abilities and stay in the skirmish as long as possible.

So, in order to maximize your PVP strength, here are all the skills you’ll need:

SkillSkill Level (/10)Rune IIIIII
AT02 Grenade10Weakness ExposureEnhanced GrenadeInternal Ignition
Cruel Tracker10Quick PreparationRapid Fire EnhancementQuick Draw
Dexterous Shot7Agile MovementExcellent MobilityN/A
Enforce Execution7Excellent MobilityTenacityN/A
Equilibrium10High-speed ShotDecimation ShotN/A
Meteor Stream10Weak Point DetectionPiercing ExplosionMeteor Fall
Plasma Bullet10Quick ShotHeavy DutyPlasma Split
Quick Shot10Swift FingersInitiate ShotVital Point Shot

Lost Ark: Deadeye Class Identity Skills

Just like the Gunslinger, the Deadeye uses three different weapons, the pistols, sniper and shotgun. This makes the Deadeye vastly different to other Lost Ark classes, which tend to have an identity gauge and some form of ultimate ability. The Shotgun is all about doing waves of high burst damage attacks and combos as close to the enemy as possible. Meanwhile, the pistol is your dash, leap, and mixed AOE skills weapon. When you need to harass enemies at a distance for whatever reason, then the sniper is your go-to.

However, since the Gunslinger relies on back attacks and close range, you never really use the sniper rifle unless you cannot use your shotgun or pistol.

Lost Ark: Deadeye Class Engravings

Engravings are a key component of endgame customization in Lost Ark. There are many generic engravings that all classes can use which provide major boosts to your character, though often with considerable downsides. There are also two class Engravings for each class, which create distinct playstyles for endgame content.

Here’s a breakdown of the Deadeye’s two class Engravings to get us started.

Enhanced WeaponPistoleer
  • At level 3, every time you change weapon stance you get an extra 30% extra crit rate for 9 seconds.
  • Increases overall damage to enemies by 40%, but you can only activate the Handgun stance.

Even after some buffs to the Pistols, removing two thirds of your kit with the Pistoleer Engraving feels pretty bad on the Deadeye. It’s not the meme it once was, and you can use it to clear a lot of the content in the game, but it still feels weak in comparison, and more importantly, pretty boring. That’s why you’ll see Enhanced Weapon as the top pick for PvE builds across the majority of the endgame content, including Dungeons and Raids.

Here’s a look at other recommended Engravings to use on the Deadeye.

GrudgeAt level 3, Grudge increases your damage by 20% to Boss level or above monsters, while also reducing incoming damage by 20%. It’s an extremely common Engraving for PvE content.
Cursed DollAt level 3, Cursed Doll provides an attack power buff of 16% but reduces incoming healing by %25. Another popular Engraving – this might be swapped out in certain builds for endgame Raids.
Master Of AmbushAt level 3, Master of Ambush increases damage by 25% for successful back attacks – essential for the Deadeye’s back attack burst damage Shotgun playstyle.
Keen Blunt WeaponAt level 3, Keen Blunt Weapon provides an extra 50% crit damage but increases the chance that your regular attacks do 20% less damage.

Lost Ark: Deadeye Class Awakening Skills

There are two Lost Ark Deadeye Awakenings.

  • Clay Bombardment sends explosives in a circle around you. The second is Bursting Flare, which fires a sniper rifle three times and causes significant damage to the first target hit. The first two shots do considerable damage to the initial target struck, while the third does extra bonus damage. The last shot also has a knock-back effect on enemies.

Lost Ark: Deadeye Class Best Gems to Use

Attack GemsCooldown Gems
Quick ShotQuick Shot
Sign of ApocalypseSign of Apocalypse
Shotgun Rapid fireShotgun Rapid fire
Shotgun DominatorShotgun Dominator
Last RequestLast Request
Cruel Tracker

Lost Ark: Deadeye Class Best Cards to Use

You can use these cards for both builds:

    • We’ll Meet Again and Forest of Giants
    • OR
    • Lostwind Cliffs

Lost Ark: How to Build Deadeye Class (2022) Video

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