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UBOAT: How to Turn off the Alarm?

After a short tutorial that teaches the basics in order to get out of it, UBOAT plunges its players directly into the deep end, even if it means leaving them to stammer. A submersible, a crew, a captain’s cap, orders and a pat on the back later, you’re master of the U-96 in 1940. But since the game is still in Early Access stage, some features may not work as expected.

How to Turn Off the Alarm of the Submarine?

To get rid of the annoying alarm sound, players should have to be out of the radius of any enemy contact nearby. There is no specific keybinding for shutting down the alarm sound. The best way to get rid of the alarm sound is to check the hydrophone and sonar to determine any nearby contact. If there is no contact nearby, players can move away from current location.

Another way to control the alarm is to getting control of periscope and going down in the depth.

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