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Sons of the Forest: How to Craft a Bone Armor?

Armor is surprisingly important in Sons of the Forest . If you plan on delving into the spooky caves that dot this new island, you’ll want to stock up on an armor shell. Each piece of armor essentially gives you a free hit – the armor comes off when you’re attacked, but completely protects you from damage. At the start of the game, enemies can down you in two or three hits. If you’re outnumbered and lacking in powerful weapons, caves can be a real nightmare for solo players. Give yourself a little extra life insurance with armor.

Crafting Materials for Bone Armor

To make bone armor, you’ll have to go to the cannibals side. Decimate camps and put everyone on fire directly, it’s the best way to recover a maximum of bones with a minimum of effort. You can also build a rack in your base to store them.

  • 4 bones
  • 1 Duck Tape
  • 1 Rope


How to Find Materials for Bone Armor?


Bones can be acquired infinitely by killing cannibals. After killing a cannibal, throw the body onto a campfire. It will light on fire and eventually burn completely. After burning for a minute or so, the body will break into chunks allowing you to recover a mass of bones. Even a single body can supply enough bones to craft two Bone Armor.

Sons of the Forest How to Craft a Bone Armor3
Burning bodies also has the bonus effect of supplying you with Skulls. Skulls are generally easier to find in caves, but you can use the skull to scare away cannibals or create an intimidating club. By combining sticks, tape and a skull, you’ll build a mace with a face. Cannibals will back away if you’re sporting this monstrosity.


Rope is an important element in Sons of the Forest. It can be used to craft a lot of useful items and tools. To find rope, you will need to explore the forest and find camps. All cannibal camps and abandoned camps have ropes hidden in cases and boxes. You may check out our Where to find Ropes guide for detailed locations.

Duck Tapes

Duck tapes are most commonly found in cases around the map, which often can be found in abandoned camps.

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