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Farming Simulator 22 Beginner Guide: 10 Tips to get you started

FS 22 Complete detailed beginner guide

When it comes to Farming Simulator games, the gameplay and mechanics can be very confusing for new players. The game can be complex in some ways that it requires hours of readings to learn base gameplay. it’s not exactly welcoming to newcomers despite the efforts of studio Giants Software. So We tried to prepare a guide to list 10 most important keypoints for every new starter.  Keep in mind that it will take time and practice. A simulation is never easy to handle.

1. Start with a career as a “New Farmer”

In order to start with the bare minimum, select the “New Farmer” mode to start your game. You will own a house, some machines and tools, and a budget of $100,000.


We advise you to choose the Haut-Beyleron map which is the best place to start in our opinion. You will have a field of cultivable wheat, a field already cultivated, and another field that has been newly plowed.


Do not hesitate to do the little tutorial offered by the game. However, you will quickly realize that it will not be enough. You may also check out our Best maps mod in FS 22 list to choose and download a map you like If you want to start your gameplay in a different map. but the base game maps are better for new players.

2. Changing your game settings

It all obviously depends on the people and the experience you want, but before diving into a session where you play 100% realism, it may be wiser to take it easy. To do this, we advise you to modify several parameters (which you can reactivate or not according to your desires once you have understood everything):

  • Snow: tick “Off” so that you don’t worry about it. Thus, no need to clear with a machine that will weigh on your budget. You can also see Snow mechanics guide here.
  • Destruction of crops: turn it to “Off” so that the passage of your tractors and other vehicles does not destroy your crops. You won’t necessarily need to pay attention to this as a beginner.
  • Field stones: One of the new features of Farming Simulator 22. With a dedicated machine, you can remove the stones and resell them, however we advise you to deactivate it by checking “Off” in order to avoid additional costs and damage to your tools.
  • Lime required: Check “No” because lime is very expensive and can be difficult to manage in the early game.
  • Weeds: Since, by default, 1 day = 1 month in this Farming Simulator 22, you will often have to manage weeds. If this weighs too much for you, you can tick “Off” to not worry about it.
  • Dirt: By dint of using them, your machines become dirtier and dirtier, check “Slow” or “Off” to worry about it much later.
  • Fuel consumption: Set the slider to low so you don’t have to deal with this too soon.


Keep in mind that this allows you not to have to deal with a lot of problems all at once at the start of your game. You can activate these parameters and deactivate them whenever you want in order to slowly learn and adapt the game mechanics. It’s up to you to decide what you want to keep or not.

3. Use AI workers to help you

In Farming Simulator 22, it may happen that some tasks are less appealing to you than others. If you like to harvest, but not to plow at all, you can entrust that to a worker by pressing a simple button which is H key on PC. In addition, with this opus, management is more advanced and it is now possible to order a task from them via the dedicated menu.


Do not hesitate to use the workers for round trips and especially transport. For example, if you buy a vehicle from the store, ask one of them to bring it back to your farm. And needless to say, You obviously have to pay salaries, but their help is essential.

4. Change the speed of time

As a farmer, time is obviously important, but contrary to what one might think, Farming Simulator 22 does not put any pressure when it comes to time. Also in the settings of your game, it is possible to modify the speed of time passing. You thus have in time scale: 0.5x – real time – 2x – 3x – 5x – 6x – 10x – 15x – 30x – 60x – 120x. with some mods, you can increase the modifier to 360x.


If you want to take your time, we advise you to play at 0.5x. On the other hand, if you are waiting for the fruit of your labor to appear (like for a greenhouse) put the game in 120x so that time passes more quickly. Playing around with this setting is undeniably convenient. There are some mods that allows you to speed up the time further more. If you want to learn more about time and sleep mechanics in FS 22, check out our sleep and time rewinding guide.

5. Use Shop Combinations to help guide you on what to buy

If you are not a real farmer, it can be difficult to navigate among the ton of machines that modern agriculture offers. Especially since a type of harvest often requires one or more essential tools, headers or machines.


Giants Software has nevertheless made a rather nice addition here by offering packs by harvest and sector of activity. Keep in mind, however, that the lists are not exhaustive and that you can sometimes buy “better” but at a higher price.


6. Look at used vehicles regularly


Speaking of the store, needless to say, your budget will melt like snow in the sun. So don’t hesitate to take a look in the “Used vehicle sales” tab to see if any of the machines on offer can be useful for the work you are doing. Consult it regularly because the proposals change over time.

7. Do not hesitate to resell and lease equipment or to loan from the bank to cover major expenses

Clearly, the budget is quite difficult to manage when you start. We sometimes have to wait for prices to rise to resell our harvest or buy a bunch of machines quickly. Always in the store tab, so do not hesitate to resell what you own and which turns out to be superfluous. The pickup truck offered at the beginning of the game is a good example.


Renting the equipment can also be a good way to save money for fairly limited use or simply if you want to test something before buying it.

Finally, as a last resort, you can always borrow from the bank (in increments of $5,000) to cover urgent costs. Of course, we must not forget to repay them afterwards. To do this, simply go to the “Finance” tab in the menu as shown in the picture above.

8. Complete contracts to try your hand at earning extras

On your map, you are not the only farmer in the area. In the “Contracts” tab of your menu, you can accept tasks for other colleagues for good remuneration. If you already have the material available, the reward will be even stronger, otherwise you can always rent the material, which will lower the amount a little bit.


In addition to making you earn money quite easily (you can assign the task to an AI worker), it will mainly give you an idea of how to use certain machines or what to do for certain crops. The contracts offered are also quite varied, which gives you a wide choice of what you want to do.

9. Set a goal with the production chains

Farming Simulator 22 is such a complete simulation that you don’t always know where to go and what to do. Thanks to the addition of the production chains, we find ourselves a little less lost than before.

If we take our example from earlier with Haut-Beyleron, you can very well continue on the path of wheat. Once you have accumulated enough money by selling your crops for a good price, you can build a grain mill on your land to directly deliver the grain to turn it into flour. A flour that you can sell directly, store or redirect to a bakery (if you have one).


So you can turn your grain into flour and then your flour into bread. Once this level is reached, you can start designing cakes by buying a chicken coop and hens for eggs, a barn with cows for milk, then a factory to transform this milk into butter, etc. You understand, production lines are a good way to constantly give us new goals to achieve without having to turn everything upside down on our farm.

10. Invest in a greenhouse for consistent harvests

Greenhouses are one of the new features of this Farming Simulator 22. They are an ideal investment to have constant harvests. It is one of the best way to make money in FS 22. You can check our complete Greenhouse guide to learn more.

Farming Simulator 22 How to Build a Greenhouse and operate-3-min

We especially think of the winter when there is not much to do in terms of maintaining the fields. They are also very easy to use. All you have to do is install one on your land with the construction tool, and supply it regularly with water. You are very lucky because we also have a detailed guide on how to get water and make your own lake with a mod.

They are also part of the production chain, so you can sell your crops directly, store them or direct them to structures you own such as the bakery to return to our previous example. With cakes that require strawberries.


Another track if you want a regular income, you can also install wind turbines or solar panels. The energy they produce will thus be resold to give you nice little sums that will repay the investment to finally offer you a nice “free” bonus each month.

And that’s it for our Farming Simulator 22 beginner guide and 10 tips. If you’re new and have any questions, feel free to leave a comment below. We really answer the questions. Or go to our forum section to interact with the community. We have many topics on FS 22 in our forums.

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