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Farming Simulator 22: How to Install Maps?

FS 22 MOUNTAIN HILL 2022 map overvi...
FS 22 MOUNTAIN HILL 2022 map overview

Farming Simulator 22’s mod community already created hundreds of maps that can be played on. There is a huge mod library to try different things out. If you already read our 7 Best Maps in FS 22 list, it is time to learn how to install maps in FS 22.

Map Install Guide

Installing maps to your FS 22 is not different than installing any other mods. The process is straightforward and simple. Here is the steps you need to follow:

  • First thing first, you need to download a map
  • After downloading, go to game folder directory:
  • C: Users /[Your Username]/ Documents/ My Games/ FarmingSimulator2022/ mods 
  • fs-22-mod-install-folder-min
  • Move the map zip folder inside the “mods” folder. Do not unzip the file!
  • Now launch FS 22 and create new game.
  • After selecting a starting difficulty, You need to choose a map.
  • The map you install should be at right as shown in the picture below.
  • fs22 map install guide teknonel-min

You can enjoy playing on a brand new map now!

Installing Map in Game Mod menu

There is another way to download and quickly install maps in FS22. This option is much faster but the downloadable mods are limited. 

  • Launch FS 22
  • Go to Downloadable Content in the main menu.
  • fs22 map install guide teknonel-2-min
  • Choose a category that you want to download
  • You can also see most downloaded and best mods section at left side.
  • fs22 map install guide teknonel-3-min

That’s all you need to know for installing a map to FS 22. You can click to Farming simulator 22 category at the top of this page and scroll other guides.

You may also want to check out Best Tractor mod in FS 22.

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