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How to farm grapes in Farming Simulator 22

Grapes are a relatively simple crop to grow in Farming Simulator 22, and players can also sell them in various ways. Grapes must be mulched, cultivated, fertilized, harvested, and then pruned.

To begin, you need to make sure you plant your grapes at the right time of year. Ideally, grapes should be planted between March and May. The harvest should occur between September and October.

Consult your Crop Calendar if you’re unsure what time of year to plant and harvest any particular plant. If you shut off seasonal growth, you can plant and harvest whenever you want, even if you have to pick grapes in a blizzard.

To plant grapes:

  • Free up some land on your property.
  • Go to the Store menu. (P)
  • Click on Others (Three lines at the bottom of the menu).
  • Click Construction. (shortcut is shift+P)
  • In Construction, change the tab to Production.
  • Click the Orchards menu.
  • Click Grapes (Normally $105).

From there, It’s as simple as clicking and dragging where your vine begins and ends. Mulching can then be done a few days later once the grass has grown a bit higher.

Farming Simulator 22

You may already have the equipment for mulching the grapes, but if not, just buy it from the store. The first thing you should do is mulch the grass. Any tractor can be equipped with a mulcher. Make sure you mulch both sides of your orchard.

How to farm grapes in Farming Simulator 22

Mulching, Cultivating & Fertilising

You may already have the equipment you need for mulching the grapes, but just in case you don’t, head over to the Store. The first thing you need to do is mulch the grass that’s grown. Attach a mulcher to the back of any tractor and you’ll be good to go. Ensure that you go up both sides of your orchard.

How to farm grapes in Farming Simulator 22

Next up is cultivating, and it’s a very similar process to mulching. Attach a cultivator to your tractor and run up the vineyard. The ground should go from green to a dark brown colour.

Fertilising is the next step in this process, and we’ve found that the orchard sprayer is the best piece of kit for the job. Again, go up the orchard making sure to spray all of the crop. Do this, wait a few days and fertilise a second time.


Harvesting, processing & selling

Your grapes are fully grown, and this is where the money’s made. It’s now September or October and the grapes have grown to the ideal size. You’re best off getting a proper harvester to do this job. Despite being pricey, this will pay for itself very fast.

Just a bit of aftercare for your vineyard as well, you can use a pruner to get your vines ready for growing and next year’s harvest.

Once the grapes have been collected (into a trailer or other storage), it’s time to sell them.

Keep in mind that if you own a grape processing unit, you can transform your grapes into grape juice or raisins and make significantly more profit. You can buy a grape processing unit by going to the production shop menu, then factories and scrolling to find the unit.

The grape processing unit converts 90 litres of grapes to 90L of raisins three times per hour. For grape juice, it’s 72L three times per hour from 90L of grapes.

You also need to decide what you want to do with your raisins or grape juice. Storage sets them to be stored, selling automatically sells them to the highest bidder, but it will charge you a 40% delivery fee. Distributing sends the produce to the next link in the production chain. For example, raisins go off to the cereal factory to help make cereal.

FS22 How to Grow Grapes Video Tutorial

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