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Lost Ark: Bard Class Detailed Guide and Skill Build

The Bard is the magical musician of the Mage class in Lost Ark. They focus on healing and buffing their allies in battle. To get the most out of the Bard advanced class, you will want to make sure you are running the right build. Here is our Lost Ark Bard Build Guide.

Bard Class Overview

lost ark bard

This character’s skills are geared towards supporting the group. Heals, increasing the damage of allies and attacks in an area. Her ultimate ability is a serenade that can be played after she has accumulated musical energy.

Serenade can increase damage and restore health (player’s choice). Such a fighter is in great demand in any party. However, it will be better for him not to stand on the front line, because his armor is weak and it will not take long for him to fall to the ground in front. If you have just started the game, you can read our start guide so you can make a quick start.

Lost Ark: Best Bard PvE Build

While the Bard is a healing class first and foremost, that doesn’t mean she can’t cause some havoc for her foes. As you battle your way through the game’s main storyline, you’ll need a decent PvE to build up your sleeve to get to the endgame.

In order to maximize your damage output, pick up these skills for the best PvE build:

SkillSkill Level (/10)Rune I IIIII
Dissonance10Melody IncreaseLaw of the JungleHarmony Enhancement
Heavenly Tune10Quick PreparationTough TuneIntense Tune
Prelude of Death10Passionate ApplauseDeath AmplificationAria of Death
Sonic Vibration7TenacityChain VibrationN/A
Sound Shock7Quick PreparationSacred ShockN/A
Sound Wave10Agile CastMelody IncreaseGround Crush
Soundholic10Sound ConcentrationSustain EnhancementFocus Fire
Stigma10Sustain EnhancementBrilliant StigmaPain Brand


Lost Ark: Best Bard PvP build

Wait, a healer? In PvP? Yes, friends, you can indeed play the Bard as a PvP class.

If you’re looking to funnel all of your energy into PvP play, though, we’d advise against running the Bard. If spell-slinging is your thing, then the Sorceress is a better pick here, or possibly the Melee Soulfist if you’re looking to deal damage both from afar and up close.

If you’re looking to try out the PvP Bard in Lost Ark, here’s the best build:

SkillSkill Level (/10)Rune I IIIII
Dissonance8Melody IncreaseLaw of the JungleN/A
Heavenly Tune10Quick PreparationTough TuneIntense Tune
Prelude of Storm10Quick PreparationMelody IncreasePowerful Prelude
Sonic Vibration10TenacityChain VibrationSpreading Vibration
Sound Shock7Maintained ExplosionSacred ShockN/A
Soundholic10Sound ConcentrationSustain EnhancementFocus Fire
Stigma10Wide-angle AttackBrilliant StigmaPain Brand
Wind of Music10Quick PreparationMelody IncreaseWind of Protection


Best Bard build

The Bard will perform best when your build focuses on maximizing the class’s overall support capabilities. Players will receive skill points each time they level up and should work toward the below build as they level up to max level. It is recommended that you first max out skills that you use most often or are the most powerful, then fill in the rest of the skills from there. You shouldn’t worry about what skills you level first, though, as you can reset your skill points at any time.

SkillSkill LevelTier 1Tier 2Tier 3
Sound Shock7Quickly PrepareHoly ShockN/A
Wind Of Music10Quickly PrepareMelody IncreaseWind Of Protection
Sound Holic10Focus SoundEnhanced DurationConcentrated Fire
Overture Of Storm10Quickly PrepareMelody IncreasePowerful Overture
Heavenly Performance10Quickly PrepareStrong PerformanceIntense Performance
Harp Of Rhythm10Summoned WillMelody IncreaseStigma Notes
Sound Wave Vibration10Protective VibrationBrilliant SoundwaveWide Attack
Indomitable Performance7TenacityEndless ProtectionN/A

Bard Engravings

Once you’ve reached level 50, you can start taking advantage of Engravings. Each class has two Class Engravings that slightly alter the way your class functions. For Bard, these are True Courage and Desperate Salvation. This build focuses on maximizing your support and increasing your survivability. Therefore, you will want to use the Desperate Salvation Engraving.

  • True Courage – Serenade of Courage increases outgoing damage by 20 percent and increases crit rate by 10 percent.
  • Desperate Salvation – When your recovery effect ends, an additional effect is activated that recovers 24 percent of your max HP.

You will also have access to some general Engravings that can further increase the Bards utility. These can be leveled up a maximum of three times and activated using Engraving points on rings, necklaces, and earrings. Below are a few great Engraving options for Bard.

  • Awakening – Reduces the cooldown of your Awakening Skill by 50 percent and has plus-3 maximum uses.
  • Spirit Absorption – Attack and movement speed increased by 15 percent.
  • Heavy Armor – Heavy Armor Equipment increases all defense by 150 percent.
  • Increased Max MP – Max mana increased by 30 percent.

Lost Ark Bard Skill gems

If there is one thing for certain in this Lost Ark Bard guide, you want to use your skills as often as possible. You want to fill the gauge by using your skills, and you want to get your shields on your allies and keep up those DPS buffs. Therefore, you want to apply cooldown reduction on your core skills mentioned above. You also want gems that reduce your MP usage on those skills. You should also consider focusing on stats to increase cooldown reduction as well. 

Lastly, you want to apply identity gauge generation to your skills with tripods already on them. This is to ensure you can get hose three bubbles on that harp filled pronto. This is, of course, because spending three bubbles on either harp skill increases the effectiveness of the Bard’s identity skill of choice.

This concludes this basic beginner’s Lost Ark Bard guide. We hope you enjoyed learning about everything you need to know on the Lost Ark core build, and what you can expect from playing it. This is easily one of the best classes and one of the most sought out classes in the game. If you love this playstyle, then we think you may have found your main!

Lost Ark Ultimate Bard Guide for Beginners Video

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