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Lost Ark All Engravings and Definitions (Best Engravings)

Lost Ark Engravings are passive effects that add additional bonus traits to both combat & class properties of your character. In a simple way to explain it, they are special power boosts for your character. We will try to give all the main info you need to understand in the points below.

If you are new to the game, check out our Ultimate Beginner Guide for a better start.

What Are The Engravings in Lost Ark?

Engravings offer up a number of beneficial effects (and potentially drawbacks), such as stat boosts under certain conditions or better support abilities. Each can go up to level 3, with higher levels giving bigger bonuses. All engravings are split into 15 points, with the level increasing by 1 for every 5 points in that engraving (5 for level 1, 10 for level 2, and 15 for level 3).

There are three types of engravings based on their effects that you can get:

  • regular engravings,
  • class engravings, and
  • negative engravings.

Regular engravings offer general buffs that can work on all classes, though some are more relevant to certain classes than others. Meanwhile, class engravings are unique to each advanced class and will be the cornerstone of builds at endgame. Each advanced class has 2 class engravings, with some builds requiring you to have levels in both. Finally, negative engravings give you a penalty in some way and should be avoided at all costs.

How to Get and Activate Engravings in Lost Ark?

How do I get engraving points? Lost Ark offers you three ways to learn engravings or to collect engraving points:

  • recipes
  • equipment accessories
  • Skill Stones

Each of these item groups provides you with a certain number of engraving points differently.

There are a few ways to activate engraving points and upgrade your engravings.

Recipe Books

  • To unlock a tier you need to read 20 Recipe Books
  • You have to read them in order for each trait


Your accessories – a necklace, two earrings, and two rings – are a major source of engraving points and of regular stats. They only drop from endgame content such as dungeons, and have lots of possible formulations so it can be a real task to get your hands on accessories that suit your build optimally. The item information indicates which engravings an accessory boosts and by how much; the vast majority of accessories boost one engraving by three points and the other by three, four, or five points.

Ability Stone

Ability stones are equippable items that drop as loot. Each ability stone has three random engravings; two positive, one negative. However, ability stones don’t actually provide any engraving points until you take the stone to an ability stone cutter NPC and have it faceted. Non-faceted ability stones can be traded, so you should sell any that you don’t need and keep an eye out for ones that provide the right engravings for your character.

The faceting process determines how many engraving points you can get from each ability stone – for a full explanation, see our Lost Ark ability stone guide. If your faceting doesn’t go well, you can disenchant the stone and retrieve some materials you can use to obtain fresh ability stones.


Types of Engravings in Lost Ark

Engravings can be applied to your rings, earrings, amulets, and ability stones.

There are two types of Engravings in Lost Ark:

  • Combat Engravings
  • Class Engravings

Combat Engravings are universal and can be used by anyone, while Class Engravings can be used only by their respective classes.

As of now, there are 43 Combat Engravings and 30 Class Engravings, two per class, in Lost Ark in total. These can be subdivided into Normal Engravings with positive effects, and Negative Engravings with negative effects.

All Engravings also come in four different rarities, including:

  • Uncommon (green)
  • Rare (blue)
  • Epic (purple)
  • Legendary (orange)

What Are The Engravings in Lost Ark?

EngravingDescriptionLevel 1Level 2Level 3
AdrenalineAfter using a skill (excluding movement or basic attacks) increase attack power for six seconds, stacking up to six times. Reaching stack cap grants crit rate0.3% attack power per stack. 5% Crit rate.0.6% attack power per stack. 10% Crit rate.1% attack power per stack. 15% Crit rate.
All-Out AttackHolding and casting skill speed and damage increaseSkill Speed 5%. Damage 4%.Skill Speed 10%. Damage 10%.Skill Speed 20%. Damage 20%.
AwakeningAwakening Skill cooldown and maximum use increase.Cooldown decrease 10%. +1 Maximum use.Cooldown decrease 25%. +2 Maximum use.Cooldown decrease 50%. +3 Maximum use.
BarricadeDamage to foes while shielded3% increase.8% increase.16% increase.
Broken BoneDamage to staggered foes.7.5% increase.20% increase.40% increase.
ContenderAttack power and duration of buff increase after killing a foe attack power stacks1% increase (5 stacks).15 seconds.1.5% increase (6 stacks).25 seconds.2.5% increase (7 stacks).40 seconds.
Crisis EvasionWhen receiving Fatal Damage become invincible and revert damage taken.Cooldown – 15mCooldown – 12Cooldown – 9m
Crushing FistSuccessful counterattack, increase attack power and damage buff increase on the target.Attack power – 4%. Damage taken buff – 2%.Attack power – 10%. Damage taken buff – 4%.Attack power – 20%. Damage taken buff – 8%.
Cursed DollAttack power buff and 25% healing reduction debuff.Attack power – 3%Attack power – 8%Attack power – 16%
DisrespectDamage to foes below 30%9%22%36%
Divine ProtectionChance to generate 60% damage reduction buff.Cooldown – 60s.Cooldown – 20s.Cooldown 10s.
Drops of EtherChance to create Ether – movement speed orbsCooldown – 60s.Cooldown – 30s.Cooldown – 10s.
Emergency RescueWhen HP falls below 30% gain a shield equal to max HP.Max HP Shield – 20% Cooldown – 300sMax HP Shield – 30% Cooldown – 240sMax HP Shield – 50% Cooldown – 180s
Enhanced ShieldBecome immune to all status effects but lose percentage shield HP value.-90% HP shields-75% HP shields-50% HP shields
Ether PredatorCreate Ether only you can collect. Increases attack power and defence and stacks up to 30 times for 90s.Attack power stacks – 0.2%Defence stack – 0.3%Attack power stacks – 0.3%Defence stack – 0.6%Attack power stacks – 0.5%Defence stack – 1%
ExpertShield and Healing increase on party members.Value increase – 6% Party members below 50% HP. – +3%Value increase – 14% Party members below 50% HP. – +7%Value increase – 24% Party members below 50% HP. – +12%
Explosive ExpertBomb and grenade carry limit+1+2+3
FortitudeIncoming damage decrease per HP lost.5%15%30%
GrudgeDamage to boss increases. Incoming damage increased by 20%4% damage to bosses.10% damage to bosses.20% damage to bosses.
Heavy ArmorIncreases defense that is immune to armor reduction effects.+20%+50%+100%
Hit MasterDamage increase for non front, back or Awakening skills and attacks.3%8%16%
Increase MassAttack speed and attack damage increase.Speed – 10% Power – 4%Speed – 10% Power – 10%Speed – 10% Power – 18%
Keen Blunt WeaponCrit damage increase versus 20% chance for decreased damage.Crit damage +10%Crit damage +25%Crit damage +50%
Lightning FuryAttacks have a chance to generate Lightning Orbs. Five Orbs explode and deal damage.Generate every 4 seconds.Every two seconds.Every second.
MP efficiencyMP Recovery and damage to enemies while below 50% mana.MP Recovery bonus – 5% Damage bonus – 3%MP Recovery bonus – 15% Damage bonus – 6%MP Recovery bonus – 30% Damage bonus – 12%
Magick StreamStacking mana recovery, full-stack grants Cooldown reduction. Being hit removes one stack.MP – 5% CD – 3%MP – 10% CD – 6%MP – 15% CD – 10%
Master BrawlerHead attack damage bonus5%12%25%
Master of AmbushDamage bonus to successful back attacks.5%12%25%
Master of EscapeStand up action cooldown4%12%25%
Master’s TenacityDamage increase while below 50%3%8%16%
Max MP IncreaseIncrease maximum MP amount5%15%30%
NecromancyAttacks can summon temporary soldiers that damage foes.Cooldown – 75 seconds30 seconds.15 seconds.
Precise DaggerCrit rate increase but crit damage decrease.Rate – 4% Damage – -12%Rate – 10% Damage – -12%Rate – 20% Damage – -12%
Preemptive StrikeWhen attack challenge or lower-level enemies on full HP, land guaranteed crits with bonus damage.Damage 30%80%100%
PropulsionAfter using your movement skill (space bar) gain bonus damage for 5 seconds.3%8%16%
Raid CaptainOutgoing damage increase based on movement speed onus percentage.10%22%45%
Shield PiercingDamage to shielded enemies increased.16%50%100%
Sight FocusWhen “!!!!!“ is said in chat, gain damage bonus with half of it applied for awakening skills. 20-second cooldown.8%16%28%
Spirit AbsorptionAttack and movement speed bonuses.3%8%15%
Stabilised StatusDamage increase when HP is above 80%3%8%16%
Strong WillReduces damage taken while pushed5%15%30%
Super ChargeCharge speed increase and charge damage increase.Speed – 8% Damage – 4%Speed – 20% Damage – 10%Speed – 40% Damage – 20%
Vital Point HitStagger effectiveness increase.6%18%36%

Class Engravings

These are all the class specific engravings:

  • Barrage – Artillerist
  • Firepower Enhancement – Artillerist
  • True Courage – Bard
  • Desperate Salvation – Bard
  • Mayhem – Berserker
  • Berserker’s Technique – Berserker
  • Enhanced Weapon – Deadeye
  • Pistoleer – Deadeye
  • Surge – Deathblade
  • Remaining Energy – Deathblade
  • Lone Knight – Gunlancer
  • Combat Readiness – Gunlancer
  • Time To Hunt – Gunslinger
  • Peacemaker – Gunslinger
  • Blessed Aura – Paladin
  • Judgment – Paladin
  • Ultimate Skill Taijutsu – Scrapper
  • Shock Training – Scrapper
  • Demonic Impulse – Shadowhunter
  • Perfect Suppression – Shadowhunter
  • Death Strike – Sharpshooter
  • Loyal Companion – Sharpshooter
  • Reflux – Sorceress
  • Igniter – Sorceress
  • Energy Overflow – Soulfist
  • Robust Spirit – Soulfist
  • Esoteric Flurry – Striker
  • Deathblow – Striker
  • Esoteric Skill Enhancement – Wardancer
  • First Intention – Wardancer

Negative Engravings

Here are all negative engravings that apply to all classes:

ATK Power Decrease

  • Level-1 – Reduces ATK Power by -2%
  • Level-2 – Reduces ATK Power by -4%
  • Level-3 – Reduces ATK Power by -6%

ATK Speed Decrease

  • Level-1 – Reduces ATK Speed by -2%
  • Level-2 – Reduces ATK Speed by -4%
  • Level-3 – Reduces ATK Speed by -6%

Defense Decrease

  • Level-1 – Reduces Defense by -5%
  • Level-2 – Reduces Defense by -10%
  • Level-3 – Reduces Defense by -15%

Speed Decrease

  • Level-1 – Reduces Movement Speed by -2%
  • Level-2 – Reduces Movement Speed by -4%
  • Level-3 – Reduces Movement Speed by -6%

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